ZMN Market Forces Class

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Market Forces Class (click to enlarge).

Z.M.N. Heavy Carrier “Market Forces” Class


Crew Capacity:21,000

Catapults: Ten (eight electromagnetic two heavy steam catapults for heavy bomber/transport launch).

Aircraft elevators: Ten

Arresting gear cables: Ten

Cruising Speed: 42 Knots

Propellers: Four, blades on each propeller: Five

Power Plant: Four Z.M.I Nmd80 Fission reactors linked to 18 steam turbines generating 216,000 Kilowatts of power.

Four main drive shafts. Five cross manoeuvring directional water jet tubes with 10 outtake/intakes giving the carrier superb manoeuvrability even for her size.

Length: 700 Metres

Beam: 80 Metres

Beam at the waterline: 65 metres (214 feet)

440,000 Ton Displacement at full load.

Flight Deck:390,000 square metres (1 ,279,527 square feet).


One 60 Cell Vertical Launch system (system located in front of bridge) that can fire anything up to a cruise missile or sea slam missile.

22 ICBM/A-SAT/Recon Sat launch Tubes (bank located between funnels).

28 “Ocean Storm” Medium to close range defence missiles, roles anti aircraft, anti cruise or sea skimmer missile. (Maximum engagement range 73 Km)

62 “Talon” Quad barrelled liquid nitrogen cooled 35mm defence guns each with an individual radar dome and optic/thermal sensor mount base unit. Rate of fire: 7,000 rounds per minute.

6 25.2cm Dual purpose double barrelled gun turrets. Maximum range 34 Kilometres.

5 “Star Shield” Anti Ballistic Missile launchers each containing 4 star shield ABM missiles.

2“Raptor” 80 Megawatt Masers (primarily Electronic Warfare weapons, joint developed with Knootoss.

4 “Pin Cushion” Depth Charge/Counter measures/Chaff Barrel (barrel full of aluminium strips and phosphorous launched 49 Metres into the air) launchers.

6“Ocean Shield” Tri tube rapid fire Torpedo(capable but never used)/Counter Torpedo/Counter Measure launcher units.

Main Tasks:

Fleet Command, Aircraft Carrier, ABM defence, Re supply, Missile bombardment (conventional and ballistic), Hospital Ship.

Total Cost: 43 Billion Rungs or 81.7 Billion Dollars US.