ZMN Venture Capital Class

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Venture Capital Class Dreadnought (click to enlarge).

ZMNVenture Capital Class Dreadnought



Length: 440 Metres

Beam: 95 Metres

Power Plant:

Four Fission reactors generating 1,430 Megawatts.

Nuclear Caterpillar Drive System.

Weapon Systems

7 430mm Triple barrelled SCAPA conventional Turrets with independent fire control.

20 "Poleaxe" Point defence units, (Quad 20mm Auto cannon, 6 40mm fragmentary rockets in revolver launcher).

2 "Daggers Edge" 340mm deck mounted (located behind rear primary turret) Torpedo Launchers.

11 "Swords Edge" AA missile batteries.

1 Main Vertical Launch cell system (located in the prow) Sea Slam, Cruise, AA, counter ballistic, Ocean Slam (cruise/torpedo system).

1 Ballistic Missile Launch Cell (behind bridge) 15 ICBM's or A-SAT missiles.

1 "Raptor" Domed 80 Megawatt MASER, developed in tandem with Knootoss. (located on top of bridge).

Systems of note:

Four Vectored Water Jet systems (electric turbine).

Helicopter Landing pad (one) lift system to under deck hanger (located in rear of ship. Supports 8 ZMI Gunships in Air to Ship, Air to Ground, Air to Air or Sub hunting capacity or 3 heavy transports.)

24 Multi Purpose Launch and Recovery Bays each with space for 2 Vauntic Naval Combat Drone units. Each equipped with its own launch rail, and recovery crane.