Zacariah Loze

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Zacariah Loze
U21 Caps:5
U21 Goals:0
Clubs Played For:Vecchio Victors
AOCAF8 Winner

Zacariah Loze, unfortunately, played for and then Captained the Starblaydia Under-21s during their worst period in the Under-21 World Cup when they failed to make it past the Second Round for two consecutive tournaments, U21WC9 & 10. Some nations would see this as an achievement, but in the harsh world of Starblaydia's Sink or Swim Under-21 programme. Disappointment in hose tournaments, howeverm was the springboard for success as Starblaydia made six consecutive Semi-Finals over the next six tournaments.

At club level, the Vics managed to hang on to Loze after he was promoted through the club's famous Youth Academy, where he trained with such future Starblaydi stars as Tetsuo Naoki and Jakkinho. He failed to win anything at the Vics, however.

His one shining light came in the 8th AOCAF, where he took over as Captain after Fernando De Marco was put out of the tournament with an injury. At The Hole, Druida, he lifted Starblaydia's Third Regional title, confirming them as the best in the Region. Sort-of.

Preceded by:
Nick Matranga
Starblaydi Under-21 Captains
Under-21 World Cup 10
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Martin Watt