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Zeedier-class submarine (click to enlarge).

The Zeedier-class submarine is a Knootian-designed diesel-electric (SSK) submarine. It was originally commissioned during the Vogels administration as the first real Knootian combat submarine and – for a long time – the first-of-class KDF Dolfijn was the only submarine in service for the Marine of the Knootian Defence Force! The Dolfijn herself is now on display in a museum in Den Helder, although many of her sisters still serve the Marine faithfully.

Crewed originally by 49 men and women, the Zeedier-class submarines had much better crew facilities than other classes of comparable size and design. A decent diesel-electric engine plant gave the Zeedier class a good underwater range of 800km, and made it sufficiently silent underwater for effective use in reconnaissance and escort missions. The engine arrangment gave the submarine a speed of 17 knots when surfaced and 20 knots submerged, and the submarine could reach a maximum depth that exceeded 300 metres. The boat could carry up to 30 underwater mines OR 19 21" torpedoes. With a then-new hydraulic torpedo reload system it could reload all four tubes in less than 5 minutes. The submarine was also capable of firing medium-range anti-shipping missiles, though these were rarely carried.

The Zeedier-class was extensively used to patrol the Reich coast as part of the cold war between the Reich and SATO, and underwent a Mid-life refit that brought them up to date with the modern state of submarine warfare, which included further automation, new sensors and a larger weapon load. Nowadays the class is being taken out of rotation in offensive Battlegroups but still finds a role as an escort and coastal patrol vessel until a sufficient number of nuclear submarines has been built to replace them, though this is still a considerable time away.


(These stats are for the refitted Zeedier class only)


82 Metres
10.5 Metres
8.5 Metres
3,600 metric tons
Crew Complement
38 Officers and Crewmen



4 x 21" (533mm) Torpedo Tubes (22 Torpedoes/SL ASMs OR 36 Mines)



Self Defence



Radar systems



TSM 2272 Bow-mounted Active/Passve Sonar, Falltech Towed Mk 504 Passive Array


Thales SEWACO X combat management system. Command and Control is also to be enhanced by a follow-up to the old CAESAR system developed by Caesar SuperComputer Inc The software for the CAESAR 2.0 computer system is to feature revolutionary new capabilities.

Electronic Warfare

Thales T20 Acoustic Intercept, Four (4) Reloadable Noisemakers.



Diesel-electric plant containing three (3) 4,000hp Diesel Engines with four 1MW alternators, delivering power to a single six-blade, variable-pitch propellor in an acoustically-dampened propulsor housing.


Top Speed: 18 kts (surfaced), 20 kts (submerged)

Cruising Speed: 12 kts (surfaced), 14 kts (submerged)

Maximum Range: 9,000 km @ 12 kts (surfaced)


Basic Composition

As with most submarines per se, the Zeedier class carries little armour. However, she is fitted with a dual pressure hull, anechoic tiles (to reduce sonar signature and noise emission), and reinforced hull bracing to protect against underwater detonations.

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