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The Incorporated State of Zepplin Manufacturers Industries


Official Languages English, German, French, Spanish
Capital Megacity One, Pop 2.4 bln
Director Vigo Trask
Foreign Minister Peter Hule
Area On Terra
 - Total
 - water

674,843 km²
11,643 km²
 - Total (september 2005)
 - Density

6.1 billion
Founding Founding |May 3rd 1914
Government Type Incorporated State
Nation Type Incorporated
National Animal Zoro
GDP (2005)
  - Total
  - GDP/capita

115 trillion Rungs
Currency 1 Rung (R) = 100 cents
Time Zone
International Abbreviations
 - sport
 - government

Naval Craft Classification ZMN (Zepplin Manufacturers Navy), ZM
Internet TLD .zmi
Calling Code +748
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian Manufacturers XML


The Incorporated State of Zepplin Manufacturers is a massive, safe nation, renowned for its barren and inhospitable landscape. Its hard-nosed, cynical population of 6.3 billion are fiercely patriotic. ZMI practices neo corporatism with a socially responsible edge.

National Anthem

The national anthem is the Karelia Suite - 1st Movement by by Sibelius, the suite was written to celebrate the history of Finland, Mega city Ones then Nordic and Northern European oriented populace chose it by televised vote harking back to the eurovision song contest.

Neo Corporatism

Neo Corporatism moves towards the development of representative systems of powerful economic interest groups which share a preference for a particular model of state regulation or which are characterised by closer and more dependent links with the state. Neo-corporatism defines a model for the transmission of requests from society to the state, which must pass through the major functional associations of interests, in particular those of the greatest economic importance.

In such systems, the social categories which make them up are limited in number, single, compulsory, non-competitive, hierarchically ordered and functionally diversified. They are explicitly recognised, or created, by the state, which consequently offers them a monopoly of representation and lays claim in exchange to certain influence, for example over the selection of the leaders and the voicing of demands.

In their criticism of pluralism , those who posit theories of corporatism and neo-corporatism tend to stress the autonomous role of the state as a third collective actor in the processes of social exchange and bargaining.

Neo-corporatist models differ from those of corporatism , both of the nineteenth-century pre-industrial type and of the Fascist authoritarian type, in the extensive constitutional autonomy of the groups involved and in the voluntary nature of the institutional integration of the social categories in conflict. They developed mainly in the post-war period, in connection with the increased state intervention in the economy and with the growing involvement of the central trade union and employers' associations in economic planning and incomes policy.

In political and industrial relations systems neo-corporatism is the opposing tendency (even polemically) to neo-liberalism.

Neo Corporatism as practiced within ZMI

In the post civil war environment of ZMI in the present day neo corporatism is implemented via the Citizen Shareholders charter, a triennially re negotiated set of standards covering everything from health care to the length and number of tea brakes for appliance repair men. The ability to re write every section of the Incorporated states basic tenets every three years allows relatively rapid adaptation to the fast moving geopolitical environment the Incorporated State and its denizens find themselves within. Adaptation which in the post civil war environment was demanded by the various groups who had disposed of the previous highly conservative corporate oligarchs of the great shareholder families as the basic tenet of the state.

Each sentient individual is automatically a Citizen Shareholder, entitled to the rights and privledges this grants and a vote in the Citizen Shareholders Assembly. They may choose to designate a Shareholder Representative (SR) to the shareholder assembly who will cast there vote in their stead, though the individual may at any time decide to cast there own vote or partake in the assembly themselves as an individual (although Shareholders Representatives and political parties controlling tens of thousands or millions of votes have the precedence those votes represent in debate time allocated and policy making capacity) once of the age or judged to have the ability to assume there powers of attorney.

ZMI's executive in official practice is made up of the Office of the Gestalt (formally known as the office of the Board). The gestalt is a group mind of 12, a blend of centuries of human memories and experience and originally the limited ability of an early idiot savant AI (post the civil war the all encompassing Synthetic Intelligence Commune takes this role). A number of the Gestalt are drawn from senior Citizen Shareholder Representatives who have been posted to ministerial level or occasionally the office of the chairman of the Citizen Shareholders Assembly, the senior judiciary, the synthetic intelligence commune, the SCI-TECH division and the office of the director, who on paper is both the commander and chief of the armed forces and INT-SEC (an abbreviation of Internal and International Security split into those departments who have interchangeable rotated personnel to increase co-operation and width of personnel ability). Since the civil war the members of the board have as an unwritten rule been members of the Gestalt. The name office of the board is now in disuse and it is no longer recorded on official documents.

While personal fortunes are made to excess and the capitalist structure runs near to its uncontrolled limits it is frowned upon to do so to the detriment of other Citizen Shareholders as this will damage the incorporated states overall turn over. While fiercely patriotic ZMI Citizen Shareholders have a very real financial incentive for seeing their state efficiently and effectively run. Citizen Shareholders who do not provide to the Incorporated State are known as "ends" (etymology "dividends" from the regular payments each Citizen Shareholder receives when the state is turning a profit). Such individuals who are not on social support or rehab programs and are seen as "bums" or "proles" in the eyes of their fellow Citizen Shareholders. The majority of these individuals originate from the former government system under which the Great Shareholder families oligarchs were attempting to take absolute permanent power by restricting freedom of thought by the direct application of wide scale detrimental genetic alteration. It is this very issue which sparked the civil war and which resulted in the "ends" whom for the vast majority live in three of the older sectors in MegaCity One and refuse adamantly to take or allow any major genetic repair. Gestalt sponsored analysis has speculated this may be loyalty programming induced by the Oligarchs but the crux of the matter lands on the fact that while the "ends" for the most part lie in the lower percentiles of the populations IQ ratings they still hold the power of attorney and the states hands are legally tied by there own tenets in the realm of forced medical intervention just as they are in reprogramming a SI Citizen Shareholder without "life threatening" need.


Megacity One


  • Population: 2.4 Billion
  • Located on Earth on the European Baltic coastline.

[|ZMI Home Territory]

Megacity Two


  • Population: 870 Million
  • Located in Tycho Crater (Latitude:43.3 Longitude:-11.2) upon Luna.

ZMI Lunar Territory

Megacity Three


  • Population: 302 Million.
  • Located:L2 in Earth orbit

ZMI Orbital's

Megacity Four


  • Under Construction
  • Planned Population 250 Million
  • Located: Mars

ZMI Martian Territory

Outzone City

  • Population: 6 Million
  • Located: Upon Baltic Island in the region of Haven.

ZMI Havenic Territory

Present Military Readiness

Alert Three


First founding of the city 1914 A.D.

City Declares Independence 1918 A.D.

First Workers Insurection 1920 A.D.

Establishment of the Oligarchs 1921 A.D.

Second Workers Insurection 1958 A.D.

First Civil War 1959 A.D.

First Fall or Second Civil War 2015 A.D. Fall of the Oligarchs, Rise of the Gestalt.

Insurection of the Shareholder Families, 2021

Second founding 2023 A.D. Citizen Shareholders charter established, establishement of present goverment.

First great space drive 2024 A.D.

Brake/Fractal Universe event 0 A.F.

A.F. (After Fractal)

Shareholder Assembly Political Parties

Political Structure



Internal / International Security falls under the control of the office of the chairman and the director. Both organisational divisions operate under the auspices of national security. The organisational divions have paramilitary assets, enforcement and entrapment teams and several frigates and drop ships at its disposal. Approximate funding levels are kept a closely guarded secret, however, INT-SEC does have its own ministerial tower in the main ZMI Ziggurat in Megacity One. Known colloquially as the Insects, INT-SEC squads are known to be the first to gain access to new MIL-TECH hardware, usually one or two generations ahead of what is used in the field by most Z.M.D.F personnel. INT-SEC personnel are regularly rotated between both divisions to improve co-operation and staff skill sets.


Chief of staff: The person of the director.

High Command

  • Z.M.D.F Zeppelin Manufacturers Defence Forces.

Consists of all conventional ground based assets, and security troops.

Strategic Command

Tactical Commands


High Energy Forces

Infantry Corp.

Armoured Corp.

Engineering corp.

Communications Corp.

Rapid Response Unit Decommissioned

City Defence Corp.

Landcrawler Corp.

Air Support Corp.

Logistics Corp.

  • Z.M.A.F Zeppelin Manufacturers Air Forces.

Now primarily consists of planetary and facility defence forces and of course air borne assets.

Air Defence Command

Parashock Command

Bomber Command

Interceptor Command

  • Z.M.S.F. Zeppelin Manufactures Space Forces.

Consists of most major deep space tactical and strategic assets.

Fleet Command


Very High Energy Forces

Planetary Defence

High Energy Forces

Orbital Command

Base Defence Corp.

Merchant Marine

Convoy Command

Star Scout Command: Search and Rescue/Deep space exploration.

Battle Fleet

Home Fleet

Overview of fleet formations

Battle Fleet: Six Task Forces each task force subdivided into four light divisions.

Grand Battery: Four Bombardment Formations

Home Fleet: Two Task Forces each task force subdivied into two heavy divisions.

Great Battery: Six Bombardment Formations

Image of Grand battery [[1]]

  • Z.M.N. Navy forces, maritime defence arm.


High Energy Forces

Naval Rescue

Surface Command

Subsurface Command

  • Battle Angels Corp. Elite, fast deployed battle suited. Uses marine type tactics.

Dark Battle Angels : Special Forces / Elite Guard

Battle Angel Div One : Support and Fleet elements

Battle Angel Div Two : Ground Assault

Battle Angel Div Three : Space Assault

Battle Angel Div Four : Heavy Assault

  • Z.M.I. Foreign Legion. Similar to the French Foreign Legion, used as a complementary security force.

ZMSF Vessels Of Note

"Z.M.S.F. Victrix"

“Z.M.S.F. Management Buyout”

“Z.M.S.F. Deviant Sales trend”

“Z.M.S.F. Market Saturation”

"Z.M.S.F. Profit before Pride”

“Z.M.S.F. Corporate Enforcer”

“Z.M.S.F. Free Falling Share Value”

“Z.M.S.F. Optimum Sales Environment”

“Z.M.S.F. Assets Unlimited”

Postal Service

With the motto "Neither Sleet, nor Rain, nor Snow, nor Thermonuclear war", the ZMI postal service guarantees delivery. Anywhere.

Below is a example of a stamp issued by the ZMI Postal Service.


International Organisations

ZMI has never been a member of the United Nations, and while sometimes it finds its causes usefull and even cooperates with several UN organisations through the UN office it still disdains from joining this body and disregards it whenever its interests are threatened.


United Nations organisations


The misspelling shall haunt me for all eternity.