4th Mountain Division (Abt)

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4th Mountain Division “Highlanders”
Insignia of the 4th Mountain Division
Active 2007 -
Country Abt Republic
Branch Regular Army
Type Mountain Infantry
Size Approx. 11'000
Garrison/HQ Podgorie
Name Highlanders
Colors Silver and Blue
Commander Major General Alexander Obolensky

The 4th Mountain Division “Highlanders” (Russian: 4ая Горная Дивизия “Горцы”) is an infantry division of the Abt Republic Army. It is smaller in size in comparison to its heavier infantry counterparts that are the 2nd Infantry Division “Iron Wolves” and the 3rd Infantry Division "Swordbearers".

While Abt inherited Taraskovyan knowledge and mastery of mountain warfare, the Republic’s landscape made of largely plains and forests does not warrant the formation of a large mountain specialized force. The mountains of Abt are located along the western border with the Confederated Peoples and are enclosed within the administrative limits of the Western Governorate.

The 4th Mountain Division, as such, has two main goals: protection and surveilance of the western border and supplying the Abt Republic Army with a specialized mountain warfare component for operations abroad. The first goal is not likely to be realized any time soon, considering the good relations between Abt and its gigantic neighbour. As such, a small and flexible mountain warfare formation answers Abt’s needs entirely, which in turn explains the smallness of the 4th Division in comparison with the other two infantry counterparts.

Order of Battle

OrBat of the 4th Mountain Division “Highlanders” (click to enlarge).
  • 4th Division Command and Support Regiment
  • 1st Mountain Brigade “Hares”
    • 12th HQ&Signals Battalion
    • 1st Mountain Infantry Battalion
    • 2nd Mountain Infantry Battalion
    • 12th Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 12th Armoured Artillery Battalion
  • 2nd Mountain Brigade “Bears”
    • 13th HQ&Signals Battalion
    • 3rd Mountain Infantry Battalion
    • 4th Mountain Infantry Battalion
    • 13th Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 13th Armoured Artillery Battalion
  • 3rd Mountain Brigade “Moles”
    • 13th HQ&Signals Battalion
    • 5th Mountain Infantry Battalion
    • 6th Mountain Infantry Battalion
    • 13th Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 13th Armoured Artillery Battalion

The 4th Mountain comprises a lighter variant of Command and Support Regiment and three uniform Mountain Brigades. Each Mountain Brigade counts an HQ & Signals battalion, two Mountain Infantry battalions, an armoured reconnaissance battalion and an armoured artillery battalion. The latter battalions are organised as their counterparts in other brigades.

Unlike with other brigades, however, Mountain ones do now have an attached combat engineers battalion. Instead, each infantry battalion counts an engineers company.

For general purposes and Division-level maneuvers, the Regional Mountain Brigade of the People's Militia is also assigned to the 4th Mountain Division. The RMB counts four light infantry battalions, an HQ & Signals battalion and a logistics battalion.