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Adam Kerr was perhaps one of the greatest coaches in Ziotah College and International Soccer History. Adam Kerr was known for his calm presence on the bench, sitting with his legs crossed for most of the time with the game plan rolled up in one hand. He was more energetic, however, during International Play. He coached Arctic State, A small Division II school for three years from 1988-1991. In 1991, He was hired head coach of Riverside University, A Emerging Soccer powerhouse. He immediately made an impact there, leading them to a unprecidented 14 straight National Titles from 1996-2010. He is responsible for developing Nick Churchill to a seemingly perfected soccer player from 1999-2002.

His International Career kicked off in World Cup 1, Where he lead Ziotah's National Team to a Quater-final finish. In World Cup 2, He lead Ziotah to a Third-Place finish and a spot as the second best team in the world.

He retired from coaching after World Cup 12, His International Teams always made it to the tournament stage of the World Cup, His worst finish was at World Cup 12, Losing in the first round.

His complete coaching records from college are as follows.

Arctic State

1988-1989 - 21-9, Second round in the ZCAA Division II Tournament 1989-1990- 26-4, Elite 8 finish in the ZCAA Division II Tournament. 1990-1991 - 28-2, Final Four in the ZCAA Division II Tournament.

Riverside University

1991-1992 27-3, Final Four. 1992-1993 29-1, Runner Up. 1993-1994 29-1, Final Four 1994-1995 25-5, Elite 8 1995-1996 28-2, Championship 1996-1997 30-0, Championship 1997-1998 30-0, Championship 1998-1999 30-0, Championship 1999-2000 30-0, Championship 2000-2001 30-0, Championship 2001-2002 29-1, Championship 2002-2003 27-3, Championship 2003-2004 30-0, Championship 2004-2005 30-0, Championship 2005-2006 29-1, Championship 2006-2007 30-0, Championship 2007-2008 30-0, Championship 2008-2009 24-6, Championship 2009-2010 23-7, Championship