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The interior of the Adinas Star Coach V

The Adinas Star Coach is an ultra-luxury ultra-exclusive sedan automobile made by Adinas Motors, an subsidiary of General Aerionian Motors. It comes in two variations, the Adinas Star Coach V and there is an Adinas Star Coach Limousine.

The Adinas Star Coach has has several forms over the years as technology developed, and has been the vehicle of choice for many of Aerion's highest elite as well as the Royal Family. It is often customized by the owners. Pricing starts at A£300,000.

The latest version of the Adinas Star Coach is the Adinas Star Coach V. Only 10,000 have been produced.



Premium Paint in 42 colors
Chromium accents and matrix grille and bumper
Air Ride Suspension System
Automatic ride height control with auto load compensation and headlamp leveling
High Intensity Discharge Headlamps
Intuitive Parking Assist and Advanced Parking Guidance System (Automated in Aerion)
18” x 8J 6-spoke painted aluminium alloy wheels
Side Mirrors are electrochromic, with auto-dimming features, and are heated in winter to prevent ice.
Retractable Front Emblem
Rain-sensing intermittent windshield wipers
Headlamp Washers
Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Mitigation system with Lane-departure warning
Side Assist and Blind Spot Detection Collision warning System
Dynamic Alarm System with Advanced Sensors. Adjustable Voice and Perimiter Alarm.
Rearview Camera
Optional Sucide or Regular Rear Doors
Optional External Intercom System


Real wood trim or chrome
Premium 10-speaker Real Surround Sound System
Electro-transparent panoramic glass roof or Front Moonroof or Rear Moonroof
Ambient Lighting with Dimming and Brightening.
Active Noise Cancellation Technology for Silent Ride
Four-Zone Automatic Climate Control with individual Front and Rear Driver and Passenger controls
Climate Control is optionally GPS-Linked for Live Weather Based and Solar-Sensing
Heated or Cooled 8-way power-adjustable front seats. Driver's and passenger's adjustable
Heated or Cooled Fully Reclining Rear Seats or Optional Conference Replacement Four Rear Seats
Rear Flatscreen Digital Touchscreens with Full Media Capability and Full Computer Ability
Rear Refrigerated Compartment in side
Rear Window and Rear Side Window Curtains with one touch button controls.
Tunnel mode offers one-touch closing of all windows, the sunroof, and cabin air intake via the air-recirculation button. (Chemical Filtration in Secure Package)


Traditional or Modern Instrumentation (Gauges or Digital)
All-in-One Digital Console Control for GPS, Media, Communication, and Driver Alert Systems.
Advanced Media System (AAC, HD radio, Satellite Radio, MP3 Player Adapter)
Driver-programmable settings for instruments, lighting, and vehicle and convenience features.
Push-Button Start and Ignition System
Voice-Activated GPS System Configurable to local settings and Live Traffic Updates
Tire pressure monitoring
Advanced Telematics and Control Linked to AdinasLINK featuring Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Response, Roadside Assistance, Vehicle Diagnostics and Vehicle Service Reminders

Adinas Star Coach SECURE Optional Package

Reinforced steel in areas like the roof, rear wall, firewall, doors and floor
Kevlar blankets, similar to those used in body armor, to absorb bullets that pass through the steel
Bulletproof glass on all windows
Special overlapping protection zones around door and window seams to prevent bullet entry
Protected fuel tank
Highest grade Run-flat tires
Advanced Four-Point External Micro-Cameras with Nightvision
Advanced Perimeter Sensors and Optional Personal Recognition System
Military-grade chemical filtration system