Aerion Tribal Religion

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Aerion has in modern history not been a very religious nation, but in its earliest times at the time when the nomadic clans, and larger tribes roamed the plains the various peoples were very religious. Early Aerion religion was polytheistic with shamanistic elements. Shamans, and Medicine Men were a part of every day life among many roaming clans. Almost every clan had a Shaman, and almost every clan had their own spirit or god that may have been tied to an ancestor of past.

The Tradition of Shamanism

The religious life of an clan was led by its Shaman or Mereth'ael in the most commonly used term. This Shaman was the religious leader of the clan, and held great respect among the clan members. He was responsible for supervising group rituals, and elaborate ritual dances. He was responsible for going on vision quests, and guiding the community. In his vision quests he would venture to the spirit world to receive guidance, to heal, and perform many of the other tasks. He was responsible for the spiritual health of the clan (Meralek), and he also had the task of appeasing the great spirits or gods.

The Major Deities

Certain deities were shared by the majority of the tribes, and clans of Aerion. These usually shared the same name, and to deny them was often punishable by death. Many tribes, and clans would even go to war against those who did not believe in the major deities. These deities are known as a group as the Divine Family.

Sun God, Father of the World

Goddess of the Moon, Consort of Abesharath

God of War, First Son of Abesharath

Goddess of the Sea, First Daughter of Abesharath

God of Air, Second Son of Abesharath

God of the Wilderness, Third Son of Abesharath