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The Grand Kingdom of
Flag of Aerion
National motto: Rex Coram Populo
National anthem: Royal Anthem
Region Western Atlantic
Capital Astevane
Largest City Astevane
Population 8 billion
Suffrage None
Official Language(s) English,French,and Old Aerion
Head of State
Head of Government
Capitalist Monarchy
Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin
Lord High Steward Riden Vesten

ISO Nation Code AERI
Currency Aerionian Gold Leaf (A£) (AGL)
Time Zone -6
• Summer (DST) -5
Internet TLD .aer
Calling Code +333
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower

Aerionian White Wolf
UN Status Non-Member
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The Grand Kingdom of Aerion is an Capitalist Monarchy. It is an postmodern nation. Aerion is both the name of the nation, and the name of the small continent that the nation is on. Aerion was once a land with numerous nomadic clans, which formed into twenty large tribes. These tribes formed a loose alliance under the Council of Tribes, which became the first national government, and led to the modernization of Aerion. Aerion has been through many successive regimes, most dictatorial in nature but not in name. Currently Aerion is a monarchy with many megacorporations having significant power as well.

Astevane is the capital of Aerion.

Quick Facts

Conventional Long Form: The Grand Kingdom of Aerion
Conventional Short Form: Aerion
Government: Capitalist Monarchy
Tech Level: Postmodern
Population: 7.700 Billion
Head of State: HRH Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin
Head of Government: Lord High Steward Riden Vesten
Capital: Astevane, the Royal City
Geography:: Primarily Urban Megacities divided by broad pristine Royally protected wilderness.
Climate: Temperate with Varied subclimates
Economy: Free Market under Monopoly by Megacorporations


See main article:History of Aerion.

Aerion's history as a nation did not begin until the twenty tribes of Aerion formed into the Council of Tribes under First Elder Wasterin V'i (the namesake for the Royal House of Wasterin). Some of these tribes could have been said to be of different ethnicity, for they were so varied, however some had intermixed enough as to be considered of one ethnicity.

After the national unification of Aerion, civil war broke out when some tribes in the north united behind Emperor Leshloan, of the Imperialists who called for progress rather than tradition. The Council of Tribes had called for Aerion tradition to be preserved, and did not support rapid progress. The civil war resulted in the intervention of various other kingdoms, and finally the unification of the two factions into the First Republic based on the Roman Republic. The Senate would be composed of past tribal, and clan heads. The two leaders felt that this would help in the development of Aerion toward "greatness." Even the architecture of the time was Greeko-Roman.

Eventually, the First Republic fell, and through successive regimes the Aerion people were oppressed. No government since then could be said to be, even partly, of the people.

Following the fall of the First Kingdom of Aerion, the Royal House of Wasterin was locked away by successive regimes in their isolated northern estate. The King became an isolated ceremonial figure, with absolutely no power. The supposed legitimacy of the Royal House of Wasterin comes from the claim they are descendend from the First Elder V'i. Therefore, successive regimes did not kill them as there would have been outrage from the people.

The Royal House of Wasterin was finally restored to power when the people of Aerion restored the monarchy, and King Wasterin X was placed on the throne.

Past Regimes of Aerion
The Council of Tribes under First Elder Wasterin V'i
The Republic under the Consuls Leshloan, and Uson
The Holy Republic later under Dictator Erne Morn
The Principality under Prince Erne Morn
The Military Dictatorship of Field Marshal Divosus and the Junta
The First Kingdom of Aerion under King Wasterin II
The First Kingdom of Aerion under the Chancellors
The Divine Empire of Aerion under the "Divine" Emperor
The Prelacy under the Prelates
The Military Dictatorship of the Three Man Tribunal
The Second Kingdom of Aerion(present)



See main article:Royal Government of Aerion.

Head of State: Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin

Head of Government: Lord High Steward Riden Vesten

Aerion is a monarchy with strong elements of capitalism. It is ruled by the King, and his appointed Privy Council.

The Privy Council consists of the Nine Great Officers of State, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and general Privy Councillors whom the King appoints.

The First Great Officer of State, the Lord High Steward, is the Head of Government. He runs the day to day government, and serves as the Royal Regent in the case of death or the incapacitation of the King.

Aerion is divided politically, and geographically into twenty provinces. Royal Governors govern each of these provinces, with the Royal Ministries having provincial level authority over certain areas of provincial government.

The King has firm control over the megacorporations of Aerion. By Royal Prerogative, every large corporation in Aerion must grant 10% ownership to the King. Also, a Royal Representative must sit on the Board of Directors of each corporation.


Modern technology is widespread in the Grand Kingdom of Aerion. Smart Vehicles (Computer controlled) and Automated Transportation Systems including highways are in all urban areas. Wireless networks are everywhere, and most electronic devices are wireless. Mobile video phones are the standard, with smart phone technology including PDA features (GPS, Broadband network access, etc.) and live streaming TV in most of phones. LCD and Plasma screens are the standard as well for televisions and data-terminals. Most living units are “smart homes“, though the average is for touch screen and remote control operation for basic things like lights, while the wealthier would be able to control everything in their home automation systems through primarily voice. Everything down to windowshades, faucets, and even garbage cans can be computer controlled.

There is a notable absence of World Wide Web access in the Grand Kingdom of Aerion, there are extensive private networks which the megacorporations work through, as well as some consumer networks for things like sending basic email, but there is no Internet as we know of it except the interlinking of the private networks.

Aerionian National ID Card

Megacorporations and Monopolies

Huge megacorporations hold monopoly over the majority if not all goods made in Aerion. They are a part of people’s daily lives. The majority of the population live, and works under the megacorporations. The most widely used term by the public is that the majority of the population of Aerion are “wage slaves”, and that the small upper class are their masters. Megacorporations control, police, and nearly independently govern their holdings. Many “human assets” as they are called by the corporate elite live in massive apartment blocs owned by megacorporations. Megacorporations literally almost run the cities where they are headquartered, able to pay off the majority of local officials.

Corporate warfare is common, and takes many forms including corporate espionage. As long as they do not cause too many deaths, or the warfare does not become open the Royal Government turns a blind eye to such activities.

While the megacorporations are traded publically on the Aerionian National Stock Exchange (ANSE), often the founding families of a corporation will hold the majority of the stock in that corporation, or single individuals such as corporate officers hold the majority of the stock creating an corporate "elite" which make up the majority of Aerion's upper class.

The wealthiest, and largest megacorporation in Aerion is Amkarethz Holdings

The Monarchy is able to remain in power by laws which are heavily enforced, stating that the Crown is to own 10% of every major corporation within the Grand Kingdom of Aerion, though sometimes it owns more, and that an Royal Representative shall sit on the Board of Directors of such major corporations. When there is no King of Aerion, blood members of the Royal Family sit on the Crown Board which controls their holdings. The Royal Family also has the strong support of the people as a legitimate institution, and also through extensive use of Royal propaganda.

There is a constant struggle, however, between the Royal Government and the Megacorporations for power. This struggle has not yet emerged into open warfare, but takes many subtle forms.


See main article:Culture of Aerion.


Classism is common in Aerion, as the upper class is widely separated from the lower class, and much smaller. The socioeconomic division is huge, and the upper class have developed an almost entirely different culture than the lower classes. They live in enclaves separated, often by literal walls, from the majority of the people. There is not precisely a "middle" class in Aerion, and so it is the lower class versus the upper class.

Ethnicity and race

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">graph.png
Ethnicity Statistics

Ethnicity Statistics
Aerionian - 60%
-Eastern Aerionians - 20%
-Western Aerionians - 40%
African - 25%
Caucasion - 5%
Arabic - 2%
Elven - 2%
Other - 6%

Most Aerionians are of two ethnic groups, the Eastern Aerionians and the Western Aerionians. Both have pretty much the same physical features, a mixture of Arabic and Italian features. These features are tanned skin, sharp angular facial features, dark hair, and brown eyes. Eye color variations due to intermixing are more common in Eastern Aerionians, and are considered something of a marker of beauty but looked down upon by some Western Aerionians. Western Aerionians are however considered the "lesser" people, with Eastern Aerionians making up the majority of the nation's "elite". The Royal Family is considered Eastern Aerionian.
The term "Aerionian" may cause some confusion as it refers to an ethnic Aerionian as well as those of other ethnicities living within Aerion.


Religion is a very personal, private thing in Aerion. As many of the past regimes were all out anti-religion, frequently persecuting or discriminating against those who were religious, and there was outright burning down of religious buildings by the "Divine Empire" and Prelacy many people have chosen to keep their personal faith to themselves. People tend to be more religious in the rural areas than the urban areas. Under the rule of the much more tolerant Monarchy organized religion is rising again, particularly Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

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Religious Identity Statistics

Religious Statistics
None/Atheist or Agnostic - 30%
Buddhism - 25%
-Mahāyāna Buddhism - 14%
-Makan Buddhism - 11%
Quaker - 15%
Catholicism - 10%
Eastern Orthodox - 5%
Old Aerion Tribal - 5%
Other - 10%

Foreign Affairs

The Grand Kingdom of Aerion maintains numerous diplomatic missions throughout the world, and beyond.

The Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains these embassies, and is charged with providing most of His Majesty's Diplomatic Service.

The Aerionian Institute conducts cultural diplomacy throughout the world, educating many about the Grand Kingdom of Aerion in a positive light.