Amarania Jenitintin

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Amarania Jenitintin
"I Will It"

Country The Republic of Jenitintin
Residence Jeniton Villa
Occupation President/CEO
Age Withheld
Status Never Married
Children None
Hero My Mother
Hobbies Martial Arts, Hiking, Acquiring Knowledge
Nickname Nia (nYA)
Known To Enemies As Nia the Brute
Education Self educated, occasionally taught by a mentor.
Politics Capitalist Libertarian
Philosophy Self-Reliance, Objectivism, Freedom, Tanstaafl
Claim to Fame Leader of the Freedom Rebellion
Secrets of Success Allowing my citizens to live as they please, encouraging hard work and a strong economy.

Amarania Jenitintin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Republic of Jenitintin.