American Federalist/Riconiaa Refugee Crisis

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The American Federalist/Riconiaa Refugee Crisis (often simply known as the American Federalist Crisis) was an armed conflict and humanitarian disaster that took place in the International Democratic Union.
It started late in summer of 2005 and ended a few months afterwards. The events issued a tremendous response of humanitarian aid from many nations across the IDU and also from countries in other regions, most notably Listeneisse.

This help can be considered to have been most effective in the area that now consitutes the nation Antrium.


Chronology of a Crisis

Dissolving of American Federalist and Riconiaa

Begin of Refugee Mass Migration

IDU Intervention and Humanitarian Aid


Foundation of Antrium

Long Term Effects

Policy Towards Failed States

Failed Nations and Succeding Countries


(in chronological order)
IDU States Fail - Refugees Flee - DO
DO Begins Action in AF - DO
Bahn Cancels Tickets, Saves Lives - DO
NSUN Joins AF Crisis - DO
End of AF Crisis In Sight - DO
Secui Atili Ousted; Replaced by Aimala Boulea - BT
Refugees Safe and Sound - BT
Help arrives in Alvés-Navlan, Temporary government in Flankia - AN
Red Cross reports on Alvés-Navlan situation - AN