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Animism is not exactly an organized religion but rather a general term used to refer to many traditional world views common among tribal communities. The central unifying tenet of animism is the belief that everything has a spirit which is worthy of respect. Animists often thank spirits of nature for what they take for their use and ask the spirits of animals for the right to hunt them.

The spirits in animism are not necessarily all benign but rather reflect the mixed nature of the world around them. Spirits can be wrathful as well as generous, just as nature can be dangerous as well as bountiful.

While it is generally believed that most peoples followed animist beliefs at some time or another, animist beliefs are most common among Amerindians, Africans, and Asians as well as among some non-humans.

  • 1% of the population in the Resurgent Dream is animist
  • Just under 1% of the population of Ariddia classify themselves as animists; almost all of those are Wymganis (Indigenous Ariddians). Wymgani animism developed through a combination of traditional, pre-colonial, atheistic Wymgani respect for nature, and the subsequent discovery by Wymganis of foreign religions. A small number of Wymganis gradually came to fuse a sense of the spiritual into their sense of caring symbiosis with nature.
  • The majority of the population of the Arcadian Republics is believed to follow animist traditions and beliefs.
  • 2% of population in Olmedreca are animists and shamanists(no clear line is drawn between those two).