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Nation: Snefaldia
Capital: Pholimjung
Leader: Tam Guea

Bae is a region in the Centralized Mountain States of Snefaldia. Its capital is Pholimjung, and the regional government is the Tam Guea, a small group of powerful nobles.


Bae is marked largely by rolling hills, bamboo forests, and small rivers. In the east, the landscape becomes very hilly and rocky, and then becomes the high mountains. Pholimjung, the regional seat, sits on a river; one of the many small ones that populate the region.

Culture and People

Bae is home to several asian-related ethnic groups, most notably the Bajeong of south and central Bae, and the Zhong of north and northwest Bae. There are several other smaller ethnic groups that are not grouped with either Bajeong or Zhong.

Aatem Nal is common in Bae, but is usually secondary to Endiri and ancestor worship. A form of Taoism, introduced at the end of the Bajeong Guea in the 5th century, melded with older traditions and produced a distinctly Baean form of Endiri.