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The Aerionian people tend to be a rather cynical, practical people. This is due largely to the nation’s history, and that the average Aerionian is a corporate wage slave in Aerion’s oppressive socio-economic system. The “people” have been oppressed, and have always been oppressed in some form. They are used to it, but it has affected their general outlook on life. This current regime is better than those in the past, but it has not hardly changed the views. The small percentage who do participate in religion may not have the cynical view of life that many Aerionians do, but put on the same public face. The elite and high society on the other hand tend to have more regular, relaxed views of life, some having a fun pleasure-filled bon vivant view of life. They eat, they drink, and they generally be merry but far away from the poor.

Public Morality

Public Morality has two sides in the Grand Kingdom of Aerion. On one hand, issues of personal morality are considered personal. Many Aerionians are agnostic, and so their views of morality are less restrained. Issues of sexual morality are personal, like homosexuality and bisexuality are common, and are a non-issue except to those with a personal faith but they would seldom speak against such except to another member of their faith. Abortion is a personal choice. Partying or wild behavior in private is also not looked down on, for instance you wouldn't be called "wild" for going out to clubs every weekend in Aerionian society but you might be considered ignorant if it interfered with your work. Pedophilia is widely viewed as disgusting, and is illegal but the legal adult age is 16. Aerionians take a strong view on violence or abuse, however, and it is widely frowned upon as well as illegal in most forms.

On the other hand, there are expectations of public conduct. To be loud, boisterous, violent, drunken or generally disturbing in public is considered extremely rude. To smoke around others without first asking permission, or to smoke in enclosed public spaces is also frowned upon and considered rude. To discuss religion or politics in public is taboo, as well as gossiping, and frowned upon moreso than in some other nations. Standards of descency are also applied. Kissing in public is acceptable, but anything beyond that even French kissing is not. Flirting is to be kept solely to social situations where it is acceptable, such as at a party or social scene, and is not to be done at work. Communication between strangers is uncommon, people are usually in a rush that they do not speak.

Exceptions to these may be in certain few regions and cities, such as areas where the population is largely Buddhist or Christian focused though these areas are very rare, and many Buddhists are quiet liberal in views though Makan Buddhists tend to be the more conservative.

On the average, Aerionians take a work focused, everyone for themselves view.

Fashion in Aerion

Fashion in Aerion tends to be conservative on the streets. This is partly due to the fact that most corporations have an gray work uniform that they require all employees to wear, with patches that designate their job, and rank. A large patch on the back of the uniform bears the corporate logo, showing which corporation the person is “employed” at. Therefore most people end up working this day to day. School uniforms for younger are standard as well.

Casual attire consists of usually simple tunics, slacks, and slip-on shoes for men or a skirt with top for women. Knee length peacoats are popular in the winter. Men often wear newspaper boy caps. This is what people usually wear on their off days. More ornate versions of tunics, perhaps with some design may be seen worn at night life. Popular brand logos are often incorporated into the design, with the embroided tunics.

The upper class such as most executives of the megacorporations wear three piece suits, usually black, but sometimes gray. Women wear women’s business outfits . This is standard day to day wear when at work, as well as out in public. In colder weather, upper class men may wear overcoats and bowlers or fedoras. Though to attend casual parties or socialize upper class women may wear more elaborate dresses and gowns.

Formal attire is almost always an black three piece suit for men, and subdued black gowns for women. For the upper class formal attire is almost always black tie, with tuxedos for men, and elaborate gowns for the women.

For the upper class, several major fashion houses and fashion designers dominate the market, with haute couture lines which are shown at major fashion shows.


Smooth Jazz is very popular in Aerion for listening to. It is often played in public spaces, and at parties both upper class and lower. Among the younger generations specifically techno tends to be very popular, and various forms of electronica music. R&B is also very popular, with several famous female vocalists who appeal to all classes. The Aerion “superstar” Ameroina Kolaer is the top selling artist of all time in Aerion. She has won several Royal awards.

Classical music is still considered the traditional music for high society events, orchestras and quartets are very common. The pinnacle of an musician's musical career is considered to play in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and competition is fierce.

Death and Dying

Cremation is standard throughout the Grand Kingdom of Aerion, the only rare exceptions are that certain very small religious groups (Such as the Orthodox Church) do not practice cremation, and the extremely wealthy as well as very important figures of state are often entombed in elaborate mausoleums.

One unique practice is that often ashes will be placed in urns in large mausoleums lined row after row in columbarium niches.

Funerals are typically private affairs attended by the closest family only, and the majority of those who are agnostic/atheistic do not even have a religious service.

Important figures of state, and members of the Royal Family will lay in state or lay in respose to be viewed by the general public. Their funerals often involve elaborate ceremonies.

Members of the Royal Family are generally entombed in sarcophagi within the Royal Tomb within the Royal Palace in the capital of Astevane.