Damian Rocofale

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Damian Rocofale

An agent of the seclusive govenment of Undal. Not much is known about him.

For the opening of the conference held on Keor to instate the Agwanti region, this man walked up to the podium and read the following message:

"Undal extends greetings and welcome to all the delegates who have come from around the Agwanti Archipelago. My name is Damian Rocofale, and I work in the administration of Undal. We have called you all here to present our plans to reunite our archipelago into a unified region where we can defend and put foward our ideals to the world, just as our ancestors did in ages past."

At this point, the room erupted into excited noise, as national delegations forgot diplomatic etiquette and began conversing amongst each other. By the end of the evening, plans were set.

The picture to the right was the only one taken of this mysterious official during the conference, and he hasn't been seen since.