Dawson Algorithm

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Fictional protocol used by Kaukolastan to create artificial intelligences. First seen in the "Promethius Fire" RP.

This Algorithm is, in effect, the guiding template of AI. It lays out the initial circuit design, and forms as an adaptive linking tool for the AI Construct. As the Construct encounters new circumstances, the Dawson Algorithm dictates physical circuit changes crafted by nano-construction swarms. With this protocal, the Construct undergoes physical changes at every "experience", leading to a semblance of Qualia. Furthering the advancement, the protocol allows the Construct to make changes unto itself, literally re-working its own systems to match current challenges. The Dawson Algorithm is a self-teaching tool to AI. No Kaukolastani AI Construct bears any resemblance to intelligence at creation. It is only after years of self-evolution at the Algorithm that the Construct begins to demonstate "innovative" thinking.

The longer the Algorithm runs, the larger it becomes. The longer the AI Construct is online, the more advanced it becomes.