Demeter class Cruiser

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The Demeter class Cruiser


The Demeter class Cruiser is a United Colonial alliance star ship, witch makes up the back bone and core of the Federal fleet, The cruiser was designed twenty years prior to current times, and was pressed in to service only fifteen years ago. The Ship it self is simple in design, it will continue to serve in the fleet for years to come, and not be slated for replacement for quite a while.

General systems

  • Engines: The engines of the ship produce enough force to move the ship from 0 - .80c in a strait line , in a few seconds, powered by graviton pulse wave generators power the reaction-less gravimetric drives, these generators are fed from the quantum flux core and exotic fusion reactors.
  • Faster than light: one of the many systems needed for any star ship, the cruisers faster than light is called Hyper warp, hyper warp drive is a high end inter dimensional drive system that allows the ship to jump to places at high speeds, the drive works by crating a Hyper warp portal in front of the ship and sends it through a sort of wormhole like structure. the ship can travel nearly any place and nearly any speed, depending on the energy put out by the engines, it is connected to the Quantum flux core.
  • Main Power Reactor: the power core is called a quantum flux reactor, the reactor taps a higher dimension and draws power from the 8th dimension , it needs a significant boost of energy to start its taping once this is completed however the energy produced by it is able to sustain the tap, the energy is fed through quantum converters, and transfered through the ship via main junctions. The reactor also provides power for the graviton pulse generators witch power the engines It is called a quantum flux reactor because it produces exotic particles from the tap that flux wildly, these particles are collected at the bottom of the core to be used for two secondary exotic fusion cores .This reactor is highly efficient In providing power, and is careful managed by a four tier safety protocol, it is very rare for an uncontrolled reaction to happen, but if it dose the reactor is ejected in to space and a field of compressed space time is erected around it, an uncontrolled reaction can result in heavy damage and crate an inter universal aperture that may explode and send a shock wave of unbelievable strength up to 5000 kilometers in a spherical pattern.
  • Secondary power core: The exotic particles from the primary reactor are condensed by a plasma condenser in to compressed exotic matter , that matter is then transfered from the exotic collection conduits at the bottom of the reactor over to multiple accelerators, then it is accelerated to a fraction of light speed in to a central reaction chamber. as both streams of exotic matter are pushed in to a fusion reaction, the resulting reaction crates space time distortions as the particles fuse in to super heavy matter that is like a highly radioactive Goo that is used as sensor jamming, because of its natural refraction.

  • Life support: the cruisers life support is that of any other ships, it has 100% efficient O2 recycling systems, and gas to O2 converters, while these systems provide an inflate amount of life support, if they go down with out back ups it provides a problem, how ever that is not the case for all federal ships, as axillary environmental control systems and surfaces are provided, the main control center is on deck 20 in the middle of the ship, its in controlled by highly trained technicians and can also be automated like most of the time they are. Vents and pumps let air go through the ships, they are filtered with nano filters and force fields killing bacterium, or chemical agents in the air or infectious disease.
  • Crew and medical systems: as with most ships well cared for crew increases morale and increases life span, it is a necessary expense, most medical needs for the crew are fulfilled at the massive sick bay on the cruiser, its able to handle nearly 500 people at a time, and its cargo bays can be converted to extra sick bays if need be, regeneration is the most common medical care practice, it reverses any damages to crew, along with nano therapy and very rarely nano machine surgery, it is staffed by 150 nurses and doctors. Enlisted crew are housed in multi person units, while rather spacious, they can house 4 or 8 persons depending on the size of the ship, the cruiser houses barracks up to 12 persons , while officers have personal quarters. the public barracks contain a large waste facility and a large shower facility, they do provide a measure of privacy in the form of opaque force fields. officer facilitates large and for personal use. Mess halls are often crowded with crew, because of this there are often multiple mess halls on a Demeter class ship, often being able to house many people at once, usual food is cooked, but often replicated food is a choice for a percentage of the population, replicators are direct energy to matter, but can be matter to matter as well.
  • Recreation: Recreation on the Demeter class ship is varied and often luxurious, with holodecks able to provide all forms of entertainment, virtual reality networks on ship that can be accessed from personal computers on bord, and of course Dimension net to talk to family and others from far away. Multiple holodecks are provided for the crew as well as some private for officers.
  • Computer system: the computer systems on board federal ships are Tachyon based, Tachyon processors and quantum integrated circuits provide a limitless processing speed and masses of storage, the systems are contianed in three massive Tachyonic computer cores, with compressed quantum storage, this provides googlebytes of storage as well as infinite processing speed all computers have polymorphic software and hunter seeker algorithm's as well as multi cascaded and tiered fire walls.

Tactical systems

  • The back bone of any ships are the tactical systems of a vessel, the Demeter is a formidable ship , its armament is diverse and powerful.

  • Disruptor's are another powerful weapon on the cruiser, petwatt level disruptor cannons, these weapons work by disrupting atomic level structures, the ship has 45 dual heavy cannon emplacements, the cannons are fed by quantum conduits fed directly from the reactor. not only dose the cruiser mount double cannons it also mounts disruptor arrays witch may fire multiple beams at once or combine them in to a powerful beam. Disruptor's are also a key weapon for the ship, as they work well against shielding and armor alike.
  • Phasers: Phasers are a well rounded powerful weapons, they draw there power from disrupting strong nuclear forces and any ships equipped with these can make quick work of foes, the Demeter class has 35 Compressed phaser arrays and 40 Quad barreled needle phaser cannons. The beams and needles are so compressed that they are double the power of the disruptor arrays, they phasers can be set to compressed or wide mode, often federal ships contain phasers. larger ones can house both phasers and disruptor's
  • Positron cannons are powerful weapons, they are pulse like weapons that fire at a moderate rate these powerful pulses are made from the anti-electron and after they react with matter or an energy field they crate gamma ray bursts, this enhances they're power. The cruiser contains 12 double cannons with direct positron generation devices
  • space time space Gravimetric Acceleration Cannon: this cannon is an upgrade to existing c-frac technology, it utilizes a packet of space time to store most of the super massive shell , the shell has its own field emitter, its able to go FTL or at most .99C, it has an extreme weight and is made from super dense alloys when the shell hits the hull or shield of a ship it returns to this universe and unleashes its mass and kinetic energy upon the target.Beaming system load 20 shells at a time in to a magazine rack under the cannons. The cannons can fire solid deuterium shells that are used in most non WMD conditions, but in some cases a shell with a AW-21 multi teraton shell is used, even a specialized fusion shell with a FW-19 gigaton level warhead is employed in high combat situations.
  • Quantum flux cannons are powerful weapons employed on modern federal ships these weapons are the most advanced energy weapon systems employed the cruiser contains 6 double barreled cannons the cannons are slow firing and usually take up tones of energy.

  • Defenses: any ship requires some thing to keep it together during a fight its common sense.
  • Shields: Shields of any ship are required to stand up to brutal punishment, the Demeter Class shield grid is amongst the most advanced in the galaxy with a five tiered defense system, this includes a dual layered multi dimensional shielding tri-layered phase shielding and temporal shielding to boot, it also has secondary sheild and polarized gravimetric fields to enhance hull stability.
  • Armor the armor of the ship is complex, the Demeter class employs triple plated quantum fused Kanvium - Tri-Strontium alloy, with Kanvium-D foam honey combed matrix's separating the inside walls of the ship from the outside. the armor is incredibility strong, and its also light, the alloys can stand up to enormous forces and pressure the hull is built to take punishment from C-fracs and energy weapons as well as compressed blast's


  • Hull The hull of the Demeter class is built with pure Tri-Strontium, this material even with out hull plating or shields can withstand FTL speeds.

  • Command,and control systems the back bone of any ship, command and control systems provide orders and communications and sensors.
  • Sensors,the Sensors of the Demeter class are amongst the most advanced in the galaxy with attention being payed to scanners that can scan even on the Planck scale, notable sensors include, quantum sensors, Tachyon sensors, gravimetric sensors, dimensional sensors and temporal sensors. all these sensors. these sensors are generally molded in to a multi layered system including ECM and ECCM, called AIEWSS (Advanced Interlinked Electronic war fare and sensor system) and multiple of these systems are mounted with redundancy on the ship.
  • Bridge, The bridge is central part of the ship, its the nerve center of the vessel operations here are maintained with the strictest professionalism. Tachyon and quantum computer systems are usually employed on the cruiser, these computers also have AI linked to them to provide increased support. Communications systems are also located in this section.
  • Communications, this is needed any place with out communication there would be no ship no crew and no civilization ,the Demeter classes main way of communication is D link, a message sent Faster than light through dimensional channels, its done through Tachyon pulses running through the 12 dimension, this means its instant communication since Tachyon's are massless but can carry energy.

  • Other systems:
  • The Armory, The Armory is the key part of any ships, security personnel and marines alike use it, with out this there would be no security, or any items to repel boardings, the Demeter class contains 4 one armory on each deck and two marine armory's near the fighter and shuttle bays. the armory contains several type of weapons, particle impact rifles, Rail assault rifles, Grenades, mini guns, and Pulse rifles. the marine armory contains even more heavy duty weapons including plasma flamers , Crossbow launchers, and man portable anti orbital missile systems, Power armor, light power armor, and deflector emitters.
  • Fighter bays, these bays contain the majority of the ships fighters, about 80 fighters of various types can be housed in these facilities Including several transports. this area is used to repair build and launch fighters, as well as modify them for missions. This area is also connected to the fighter armory, were weapons rounds and shield emitters and generators for the fighters are stored, the most common fighter on federal ships are Union and smith thunderbolt IV'S the new medium fighter in the country.
  • Beaming systems, transporters are another essential system for the ship, they require a lot of power but pay off, they open dimensional corridors and surround the person or persons and object in a force field and send them through, this is the main method marines are quickly deployed the Cruiser contains eight transporter systems. additionally the systems are able to emergency beam out entire crews but it is not recommended that any one dose this unless extreme emergency occurs due to mixing in patterns and odd happing risk slightly increased.
  • Point defense, point defense is important to any ship, the Demeter class cruiser mounts one of the most extensive point defense systems in the galaxy, this system has 8 layers of missile drones, flack cannons, point defense layers, lighting fields, chaff drones, suicide drones, laser defense drones, and missile drones, as well as new PDGM-104 spartan fire missiles.

  • Overview The Demeter class ship is one of the best of its kind, there are over 300 in active service with in the United Colonial Alliance Star fleet, it acts as both a carrier a command ship and a direct combat ship, and will continue to serve the Union for many years to come in many battles.