First Church of the Holy Napkin

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The Holy Napkin is the only artifact left in this world by the Creator, when he belched out the world after a particularly big lunch. It is said by its followers to have all the divinity of the Creator Himself. Non-believers are equally adamant that it is, in fact, an ordinary napkin, on the grounds that similar napkins are sold at K-Marts. Ah, say the believers, but that's just a racial memory of the Napkin, implanted by the Creator. Thus, there will be napkins like the Napkin itself, but they will lack the true divinity of the Napkin.

Recently, every citizen of Equalitonia was suddenly converted to Napkinism, but were de-converted when a passing dog ate the Napkin. The Church is now trying to convince everyone that this was in fact a K-Mart napkin.

When the International Council for Religious Beliefs was consulted about Napkinism, their response was: "It's stupid. An entire country under the thrall of a napkin? What's the world coming to?" The council later retracted their statement, after a horde of Napkins invaded their favourite nightclub.