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This item deals with the Frysian language as it is used in NationStates.

Spoken in: Friesland, Knootoss

Frisian is the primary language in the northern province of Friesland in Knootoss, where it is spoken and taught in schools as an official and separate language. Dutch is also spoken by all Knootian-Frysians. The language is also spoken in a small part of Groningen, in the Saterland and in North Friesland.

The earliest definite written examples of Frisian are from approximately the 9th century. A few examples of runic inscriptions from the region are probably older and possibly in the Frisian language. These runic writings however usually do not amount to more than single- or few-word inscriptions, and cannot be said to constitute literature as such. Actual Frisian writings appear a few centuries later, and are generally restricted to legalistic writings.