Gart Jamie

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Mad Mayer Gart Jamie
Picture of Gart Jamie
Full Name Garfield Jamie
Background Guffingfordian outlaw and mayor of Masapa from 1885 till 1891
Mother Richard Jamie
Father Laura Jamie
Brothers/Sisters None known
Wife n/a.
Date of Birth June 3rd, 1843
Deceased March 1899

One of the most hated outlaws of his days, Gart Jamie's youth is a mystery to historians. His parents, his family, his whole life before he robbed the first Post Express train in 1878, he made himself known to deputies, sheriffs and other lawmen. After surviving several big gunfights with British Royal Marines in Gloucterbury Gart Jamie moved over to the town of Masapa and lived off the backs of slaves working on the many large cotton and exotic fruit plantations. He was extremely rude towards the black slaves, and his behaviour towards the native indians was very mild. He even prohibited the use of whips on indians, but encouraged it to give the negro slaves some lashes whenever they lapsed.

When the Masapa Tensions broke out (see the "Masapa" entry) Gart Jamie broke a few deals with the German army arrived there some time before the British, and promised to take care of the rioting slaves. Instead of taking out the rotten apples, Gart Jamie began to randomly kill people instead whom he found supportive towards the rioting slaves. At first the Knootian population approved these actions, but when Knootoss heard about this massacre the German Army had no choice but to arrest Gart Jamie. After a lot of diplomatic hassle - four months later, now 1891 - Gart Jamie was forced to flee Masapa. The Germans took over and henceforth the town was called Neu-Köln.

Alone in the open field, Gart Jamie began - people claim it was just revenge - to raid and pilage German settlements. During these loose campaigns he met "Curly" Bill Buford, another wanted criminal. The duo (like Ed Rappen and Xaviero Guerra) went on a rampe through the German holdings of Kaiser Wilhelms Land, otherwise known as northern Guffingford. Their seemingly endless killing spree ended at the legendary Blastersnatch Gunfight where they met an astounding police force and several inter-state marshals eager to kill both and the gang they gathered along the way.