General Aerionian Motors

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General Aerionian Motors (GAM) has a monopoly on automobile production in the Grand Kingdom. Almost all automobiles in the Grand Kingdom produced by General Aerionian Motors are smart cars, capable of self-navigation, and are part of the Automated Transportation System. They have very sophisticated and advanced electronic systems.


General Aerionian Motors is an corporation that has existed almost since Aerion modernized years ago. It was nationalized several times in Aerion's history, and was not always the major automobile corporation. During the fascist government it had existed, and was sponsored by the government to produce vehicles. It was largely bought out, and restored by Amkarethz Holdings when the Monarchy rose again. In this time it came to be in its current form.

Major Subsidiaries

  • Ilon-Madro Motors (various car brands)
  • Ilon-Madro Commercial Motors (various brands)
  • Adinas Motors (Super-Luxury) (Adinastat) (Adinas)
  • Aerionian Motor Works (AMW)

Adinas Motors

Adinas Motors is known for their super-luxury brands, and their brands are been comparable to Bentley or Aston Martin. It products several super-luxury sedans, and sports cars. The main brand is Adinas, Adinastat is Adinas Motors's brand of high-performance luxury sports cars, including grand tourers.

Their flagship car, the most ultra-exclusive is the Adinas Star Coach.

Ilon-Madro Motors

Ilon-Madro Motors has several car brands. Most brands and marques are mid to low-range automobiles, though Ilon-Madro Motors has two entry level luxury brands.

Ilon-Madro Commercial Motors

Through its various brands and marques Ilon-Madro Commercial Motors produces practically all of the commercial vehicles in use in the Grand Kingdom today. This includes vans, semi-trucks, and other vehicles built specifically for commercial purposes. Even some heavy equipment such as dump trucks, and fork lifts are included in their productions.

Aerionian Motor Works

Aerionian Motor Works (AMW) is a luxury car brand, and subsidiary. The cars they produce are produced under their own brand. AMW has a large offering under this brand including sedans, grand tourers, family cars, coupes, and roadsters. Some AMW vehicles come close to the super-luxury range in pricing.