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Players new to the game, and/or the concept of roleplaying sometimes have difficulty establishing themselves in that field, outside of the roleplaying context. A player's involvement in NationStates roleplay, generally occurs on The UN, NationStates, or International Incidents forums, and often regional forums.

First of all, when starting, it can be useful to formulate some attributes that define one's nation: what will make it unique in terms of it's government, sentiments, culture, etc? When roleplaying these characteristics, and in roleplaying in the main, buffering the writing descriptively, more often than not will have a positive effect it.

It is often considered that one day in reality is the equivalent to one year in the roleplaying world (exceptions are for example in the world of Sports Roleplaying where the World Cups are in 4-year intervals). However, when nations war, or conflicts are in effect, players often retard time flow, to facilitate and render it more realistic.

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