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Venerable Ex-Nation
Former Region: Anticapitalist Alliance
Founding Date: October 2004 (?)
Dying Date: April 2005 (?)
NS Involvement: UN Delegate of the ACA
Past Contributions: Various re-forms in the ACA
Motto: "The land belongs to us who are the poor oppressed"

UN category: Left-wing Utopia

A peaceful land of long-haired, tree-hugging hippies, located ideologically within the Anticapitalist Alliance.

The Hippietanians are signatories of the IFTA and members of the CACE and the UN. They enjoy extensive civil and political freedoms, but are so economically clueless that the majority are reduced to dirt-scrabbling poverty. Being hippies, however, they don't seem to mind this too much. Realising their utter unfitness to run a national economy, however, the Hippietanian government has recently handed over control of monetary policy to the APECB, whose governors know lots of long, clever words and can draw pretty graphs. This has necessitated the adoption of the Thennat as the national currency, but insiders expect that a black market in cuddles (the previous currency) is likely to survive for a considerable period.

No-one knows when or how Hippietanian society emerged. Least of all the Hippietanians themselves, who have difficulty enough working out what day it is, whose tent they've woken up in or (most importantly of all) what the hell they've done with their stash. Unsurpringly, a rigorous, extensive, evidence-based cultural history is beyond them.

Visitors, however, have commented that the Hippietanians' dedication to pacifism, spiritual regeneration, agrarianism and common ownership of all land is somehow familiar. Just with more drugs. And much longer psychedelic keyboard solos.

Remembering Hippietania

The nation of Hippietania expired from the NationStates world sometime during the spring of 2005. H, as he was known by his comrades in the ACA, was elected as the region's UN Delegate just weeks after joining it. He carried out many important reforms, such as re-organisation of the ACA forums and re-drafting the text of the recruitment telegram. Soon after the end of his term as the delegate, Hippietania became inactive (reportedly he lost internet access) and expired. He is remembered as one of the most outstanding UN Delegates of the Anticapitalist Alliance.