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The Joint Arms for Unity, Sanctity and Trust Treaty Organization, or JAUST is an alliance of nations which currently has a lot of influence in the Americas. Its Headquarters is in Nouville-Paris, Great New France. It's goal is to act as a peaceful self-defense force and a united front against potential aggressors and regional power blocks.


The Pact has a constitution, the Articles are a compulsory set of rules to be followed while within the pact. Full members of the alliance may propose a new article be added to the Constitution, the proposal will be voted on in a democratic fashion. If there are more YEA votes than NAY votes, the new Article will be added into the Constitution.

Current Articles Include:

  • Article I - This treaty will ensure that if any Nation that has ratified this treaty is attacked it will be viewed as an attack upon all signing members of this treaty and be responded to by all participants as such.
  • Article II - This treaty allows the signing members to pass military forces into each others borders without the host Nation launching a military response on the intruding force unless the approaching force intends hostile action or was requested not to enter.
  • Article III - This treaty allows the use of the signing members transports by other treaty participants who have no such means of travel -- both Nations will pay 50% of the fuel costs required to reach the destination unless one of the said Nations volunteers to pay full percentage.
  • Article IV - This treaty grants the right to voluntarily ship military hardware by one participating Nation to the other for use in battle wherever it may be, cost of lost units will be divided between the two Nations unless one of the said Nations volunteers to pay the full percentage.
  • Article V - Article's of JAUST is nullified and will not take effect on any two countries who attack each other and are also a member of this treaty, Article V does not effect in any way the other members of the Alliance when invoked.
  • Article VI - A signing member of this treaty CANNOT withdraw when this treaties Article I clause is in effect.
  • Article VII - Any JAUST Member declaring war on a nonmember will not invoke Article I of this treaty, the aggressor member is granted permission to request help from other JAUST members but assistance to the country in question is voluntary, Article VII does not in any way nullify Article I on any member(s).
  • Article VIII - Any JAUST Member who acts to use JAUST as a deliberate weapon of war or as a buffer zone for protection from his or her own atrocities may have his Article I privileges stripped from them through a Democratic process by other JAUST Members.

Signatory States

There are currently nine signatory states within the JAUST Pact, these include;

Applying for Membership

To apply for full membership is to request formal recognition from the entire pact of being a full JAUST Member and Signatory, the other Members either vote YEA or NAY to the request, if a majority of votes is reached, than the request is either accepted or denied. Only one Nation has been denied entry into the pact.

Observer nations are granted basic rights of the pact and are free to enjoy a substantial deal of protection from the entire Alliance, however they may not vote on any issues or membership requests and they may not submit new constitutional article proposals to the JAUST Council.


Only one ex-member exists thus far;


The JAUST Pact was formed when Eleytheria-Duo first established ties with Great New France through means of a mutual defense treaty. Soon, the Kasnyian viceroy of Pacifica, Leopold Harzmann, also offered to join the pact as a sign of friendship between Kasnyia and the nations of America, followed closely by the Assassin Nation and others. Within months, JAUST transformed from a simple mutual protection pact into an international alliance of nations intent on keeping themselves independant of other regional power blocks. It seemed that the alliance's future was set. This would not end up being the case.

  • The Cold War

Months after the formation and international recognition of JAUST however, the Empire of Chirondom asked for admittance. Like the other nations who asked to join, Chirondom was put to a vote in which it was defeated, a first for the organization. Immediatley after, the Imperator-Regent of Chirondom sent a formal letter of complaint to His Holiness, the Pope. Within days the Pope released an organization-wide edict banning all nations from joining other organizations. This immediately sparked the withdrawal of the Assassin Nation and Great New France from the Holy League, increasing tensions.

Things became worse when, by unfortunate coincidence, Eleytheria released the FS-1 North Eagle fighter plane. At once the nations of the Holy League started becoming suspicious of JAUST's motives, and helped kick start a world wide arms race.

The Cold War continues on, however it appears as if the arms race is slowing down and the dispute will be at an end before too long.