Jetra Gbhun

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Jetra Gbhun
Chief Warden of the People's Council
Place of Birth
Imb, Vran'i Province, Qalustan
10th March 1974
Political Party
Libertarian Party of Qalustan

Jetra Anvalgu Gbhun-Basoir (born 10th March 1974) is a Qalustani politician, Council Minority Leader of the Libertarian Party of Qalustan, Speaker of the Council of Wardens and the Warden for Imb Township in Vran’i Province. She married the infamous adventurer Jean-Guillame Basoir in 1999, but they divorced in 2004.

Gbhun has been criticised by her political opponents for her fashion sense and glamorous wardrobe, which has been described as “unbefitting of a statesperson of the People’s Republic”. She is a staunch Libertarian, and campaigned strongly (yet unsuccessfully) against the nationalisation of assets in 2002 and for their release to private companies in 2007. She has, however, succeeded in passing the Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Act (2006), an issue on which the ruling Democratic Socialist Party was divided. Following the 2005 election, she unseated the uncharismatic Huguna Moglen, the Chief Warden, who had also previously held the position of Speaker.

When asked in a newspaper interview if she thought Qalustan would ever have a libertarian government, she was quoted as saying, “I sure hope so. Zanwar can’t hold onto power forever”. She has hinted that she may consider running for President in 2008, although she would have to resign her Wardenship mid-term.