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Me-wak (pronounced mehvag) is the term that refers to the official monetary units in the Centralized Mountain States of Snefaldia. A single me-wak can be divided into Halves, Quarters, Tenths, Fifths, and Singles, while paper denominations of me-wak are Fives, Tens, Twenties, Fifties, Hundreds, and Two-Hundreds. The representation for the me-wak is œ.

The term itself is an unusual one, because it both applies to the singular monetary unit me-wak, which is roughly equivalent to one NS Dollar, but it is also a catchall term for any of the various denominations of money which the me-wak can be divided into. In such use, the meaning of me-wak can be largely understood through the context. Snefaldians don't say "give me a few Quarters," they say "I'll have four me-wak back."

For example:

  • "It was so cheap, it barely cost me three me-wak!"

In this case, the usage is referring to me-wak Tenths, or about thirty cents.

  • "Hey, that's not worth a me-wak!"

In this case, the use of me-wak is referring to a Single, or one cent.

Phrases like "Half a me-wak" and "25%" are also used to indicate which denomination of change one wants.

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