Meniar Hernan (LGF)

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Meniar Hernan
His Excellency, The Founder
Military leader and dictator of Lush Green Fields, CEO of Terian
Educating the youth, managing his company Terian

Meniar Hernan is the current leader of Lush Green Fields. He is a benevolent dictator who lets people lead their lives as long as they adhere to every single whim of his.


Meniar Hernan was born in Jeat a city in Selom, Grenarda (now Lush Green Fields). As a child he was extremely intelligent and was nationally recognized as a prodigy. At the age of nine he was fluent in six languages and was solving graduate level maths problems. At the age of fifteen he had received a PHD in Weapon Technology and had become an honorary member of the Grenardan army.

Military Achievements

Meniar Hernan was a rising star in the Grenardan Army. He led a small contingent to victory against a massive force of rebels and was instantly promoted. At the age of 36 he was a general. He was known for his instant decisions and a penchant for on the spot executions.


In 1976 Norin Effer came to power. He appointed Meniar Hernan as the Army Chief. In this position Meniar Hernan garnered even more power and money and bought stocks in several international companies.

The Coup

In 1984, Meniar Hernan came under the scanner for tax evasion and misuse of power. Norin Effer sought to strip him of his power. However Meniar Hernan had other plans. On the night of 14th August 1984, he went to the Effer's rooms and stabbed Effer three times and then cut off his head. Holding the head high he proclaimed himself ruler on national television. Immediately, the nation reacted but with the help of his army sympathisers, Hernan crushed all resistance. He was soon the dictator of Grenarda which he renamed Lush Green Fields on 21st May, 1985.