National Security Ministry

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The official emblem of the NSM.

The National Security Ministry (NSM) is the Taraskovyan government ministry responsible for centralized intelligence activities both within and outside Taraskovyan territory. It is, namely, in charge of domestic security, protection against acts of foreign interference, collecting foreign intelligence, military intelligence, undertaking counter-intelligence activities and cooperation with foreign intelligence services.

The National Security Ministry was founded before 1148 After Strife in the aftermath of the Grand Ducal restoration. Before this, a unified intelligence agency already existed under the Taraskovyan Federation, when the Kaskad (previously military intelligence) absorbed the Taraskovyan Department of Intelligence (previously foreign intelligence and espionage) and the Taraskovyan National Security Department (domestic security and counter-intelligence).

Nowadays, the National Security Ministry acts as an umbrella organisation, coordinating and guiding the activities of its various Departments, amongst which the most prominent is the famous Taraskovyan Department of Intelligence (TDI), which managed to retain its broad autonomy and structure despite the incorporation.

The National Security Ministry and most of its subordinate services are headquartered in Vigvar. The notable exceptions include the Taraskovyan Department of Intelligence (TDI)(headquartered in Amal) and the Military Intelligence Department (MID)(headquartered in Edrith).

The National Security Minister is High Count Namel’lar Keth, a mysterious figure of whom little is known to the broader public, except that he is a living legend within the Taraskovyan intelligence community.