Ranjit Khan

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Ranjit Khan

A football player who competed in the World Cup as part of the team from the People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia, the World Cup founder.

Khan was one of the team's most emblematic figures. He played in an astounding eight consecutive Cups, first appearing in World Cup 3 and retiring after World Cup 10 at the age of 46. He was preceded as captain by Michel Boulanger, and succeeded by Wn Wahd, who led the team in its last appearance to date, in World Cup 11.

While never considered a player of dazzling skills, Khan was nonetheless the solid backbone of the team, displaying unquestionable abilities as captain and midfielder, but also as a competent forward player and defender when the need arose.

Khan was a brown-skinned man, his hair just starting to turn grey as from his later appearances in the Cup. His most striking feature, however, was undoubtedly his startling bright green eye lenses, which began a noticeable trend among supporters.

Khan, sadly, died without ever having led his team and homeland all the way to victory, although he did captain Ariddia to a satisfactory third place in his last ever match, at the close of World Cup 10.

Preceded by:
Michel Boulanger
Ariddian national football captain

World Cup 5 - 10

Succeeded by:
Wn Wahd