Raumreich Oversector

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Raumreich Oversector
Forum: N/A
Population: 12 nations
Delegate: none
Founder: Valinon
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

World Factbook Entry

The Raumreich Oversector is a vast region of space connected by the many termnii of the Valinor wormhole junction system. The nations of the Oversector are represented on the Liga der Raumreich (League of the Raumreich), and the Oversector's main entrance way is watched by the Valinor in the Alpha Centauri system.

National Catalogue

Acler | Erewohn | Liberated New Hope | Madras | New Ortaga | Stockurm | The Mesa System | The WIck | Vakutu | Valinon | Vernii | Yalta



Derogatory Terms

This really shouldn't have it's own special section and will eventually be integrated into some sort of culture article, but until there is one of those, here are some funderful words and phrases one can call Raumreichians to get the riled up.

Erewohn -Sellout

Liberated New Hope -Alterboy (for Clergy) -Wormback (for natives) -Whore

New Ortaga -Ort (by all)

Vakutu -Tabby (by all)

Valinon -Ghost (by LNH) -Kraut (by all)

Vernii -Prole (by Valinon, the WIck)

Wick -Jew (by Vernii, LNH) -Nomad (by all)

Yalta -Carpet (by Vernii)

LRR -Toaster (by all)