Ronald Bloodgood

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Ronald Bloodgood
Diplomatic rank
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Current Assignment
Ambassador to Excalbia

Ronald Bloodhood initially joined the intelligence business when the AIVD was still the underfunded, overused agency that was the joke of all SATO nations. He was there when the department had grown under the administration of Galadriël, eventually rising to the post of Director of Federation Security (charged with the important Knootian Colombia dossier). The war in Tanah Burung however threw his career off, and he was transferred to a diplomatic function as ambassador to Excalbia. In this position he had to deflect much criticism of the Dutch Democratic Republic in the 'Saxmere crisis'.

He has the heavy appearance of a man who understands the finer pleasures in life and indulges in them. Short, thick blonde hair covers his rather thick head. He is married to a voluptuous woman who is at least ten years younger, says little and knows when to leave her husband alone.