Royal Institute of International Affairs

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The Royal Institute of International Affairs is an foreign policy membership organization. It is sponsored by the Crown, but remains as an non-governmental organization. The Royal Government does take into consideration the reports, and findings of the Royal Institute of International Affairs as well as releasing some reports to the Institute for review.

The Institute is composed of some of the leading minds, and includes academics, corporate executives, politicians, and other professionals.

Influence on Foreign Policy

The Institute has no doubt a great influence on the foreign policy of the Royal Government, and the Crown. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is known to often study their reports, and numerous officials in the Ministry are members of the Institute. The diversity of the input into the Institute from its varied members from all sectors of society is considered valuable.


The Institute is often criticized because because of the numerous corporate executives from the Aerionian megacorporations who hold membership in it. The Institute is sometimes considered to be the primary channel through which the megacorporatons conducting international business support their interests.