Social Democratic Party of Navi Bharat

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The Social Democratic Party of Navi Bharat (SDPNB) is a popular political party in Navi Bharat, which was originally born out of a union between the Democratic Republican Party and the Socialist Party. It is currently in leadership, holding 296 out of the 500 seats in the Senate of the People. It is headed by Her Excellency Prime Minister Arpita Chaudhury, a Gujurati social liberal and economic moderate.

The party leans toward the left of the political spectrum, holding the philosophy of "Freedom and equality for all people." It is an enormous supporter of civil and political rights, which has rendered Navi Bharat a world benchmark of civil and political rights, especially in New South Asia. It was the first party to support the linguistic and cultural reforms in Navi Bharat which has now spread racial tolerance, and supported the Tibetan ethnics push for an autonomous region.

Economically, it holds a center-leftist position, supporting regulation on monopolous and pollutant businesses greatly, but allowing the promulgation of small and medium sized businesses throughout the nation. During the Chaudhury administration especially, the rise of a large pool of small businesses has grown, dure to her Excellency's position of "economic freedom on a level playing field."

The SDPNB is slated to win the next election.