Spartan Class Cruiser

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Spartan Class Destroyer
PHX Spartan
Class Overview
Class type: Cruiser
Class name: Spartan Class Cruiser
Preceded by: Vrelck Class Cruiser
Succeeded by: Nova Vrelck Type Cruiser
Operated by: The Phoenix Militia
General Characteristics
Length: 397m
Width: 297m
Height: 56m
Complement: 7 officers and 293 men
Powerplant: One Type 3 Mark 12 Warp Core with Emergency Multi Fuel Cell System
Drives: -2 Embeded Warp Engines rated at warp 9.805
-2 Ion and 8 Impulse Sub-Light Engines
-36 thrusters
Weapons: -4x Type 2 Enhanced Disruptors
-9x Black Talon Phaser Arrays, connected to 15 Strips
-28 foward torpedo tubes, 14 aft, 2 ventral, 2 dorsal.
Shields: Primary and Secondary Energy Shields, Tertiary forcefield layer.
Armor: Multi density Type 9 Poured Tritanium-Nahquada Composite Armor
Auxillary Craft: 4 shuttles, 12 fighters and 2 shuttle pods (or 18 shuttles)

"Spartan" Class Cruiser
In fleet colors

The main cruiser in the Phoenix Fleet.