Stamford Green Province

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The Province of Stamford Green


National flag Coat of Arms
Motto Dominus illuminatio mea.
Capital Trollington
Languages English
Lord Protector Sir Arnold Cooper

120,540 km²
46,528 sq mi
Region United Federal Kingdom of St Samuel
 - Total (2007)


The province of Stamford Green is a federal province of the United Federal Kingdom of St Samuel. The province borders the Lewisburg Province and the Bassenhaim Province. The provincial capital is Trollington. The current Lord Protector of Stamford Green is Sir Arnold Cooper. It's five largest cities are Trollington, Barny, Castlestone, Linden and Duggansford.


Pre-Roman Period

As attested by many instances of rock art, the Stamford Green region has a rich pre-history. Archeologists have studied a Mesolithic structure at Burwick, which dates to 7500 BC and has been identified as St Samuel's oldest house. They have also found tools, ornaments, building structures and cairns dating to the bronze and iron ages, when the area was occupied by Sambini peoples.

Prior to the founding of the Siona City-State, the Stamford Green region was home to a number of local tribes. These local tribes were branches of the Sambini people.

Siona City-State Period, 800BC - 262BC

The city of Siona began its history as a Neolithic hill-fort, some time in the third millennium BC. The Siona Hill is a natural defensive position which commands the surrounding plains. The settlement was about 20 kilometers inland from the San Eugenia Gulf, in the centre of the Lewin Plain, a fertile dale surrounded by rivers.

By 800BC, Siona had risen to be one of the largest and most powerful cities in the region and controlled all of the surrounding lands. The Siona City-State founded the Holdini League 477 BC. Up until the Roman conquest Siona remained one of the most dominant fixtures of early St Samuel politics.

Roman Period, 262BC - 20AD

In the third century BC the Roman's controlled most of the Holdini Isles and it was the Roman's that founded the city of Trusstanctuntine (now known as Trollington. Trusstanctuntine became the adminstrative capital of the region and by the end of the Roman occupation, Trusstanctuntine had outgrown Siona is terms of size, population and power.

The Greater Holdinia Period, 20AD - 1048

After the Roman withdrawal from the Holdini Isles, Trusstanctuntine was renamed Adelchester. Adelchester and many of the other cities in the region were all but destroyed in 130AD during the War of the Cross. In 146AD King Eades divided his kingdom between Lord Knights that remained loyal to him during the war. Stamford Green was given to Lord Lucius Grenordus. Lord Grenordus named the province Gren, which over time became the Green Province. King Eades' nephew, Luwin de Primosa, was made Governor of Adelchester by Lord Grenordus in 146AD and it was de Primosa who renamed the city, Trollington.

The Green Fiefdom Period, 1048 - 1527

In the 11th century, Greater Holdinia was starting crumble and in 1048, after the first war of Greater Holdinia, Lord Luca Dormarnus declared the province independant. For nearly 500 years, the region was known as the Fiefdom of Green and enjoyed a long period of peace.

English Period, 1527 - 1904

In 1524, the Fiefdom of Green was sold, by Lord Vernon Le Pontfort to Henry VIII, King of England and the Fiefdom of Green became an oversea's colony beloning to the English crown. King Henry VIII made his brother-in-law, Edward Stamford, Duke of Green. Duke Edward renamed the vassal state, Stamford Green. He began construction on a new city, which he named Barny, south of Trollington, where he had Glenview Palace built in 1529 as his residence.

Trollington remained the administrative capital of Stamford Green throught British rule. Stamford Green remained part of the British Empire until 1904 in the Stamford Green Rebellion. Local residents, unhappy with the large taxes that Duke James Phillips had imposed, began an uprising. Edward Darwin-Frost, a local politician led the revolt and amassed a following of nearly 200,000. The popular revolt gained huge support in Trollington and soon, Duke James Phillips had to flee to Saint Maria.

Prime Minister of Britain, Arthur Balfour, sent an envoy to Trollington to speak with Edward Darwin-Frost and it was eventually agreed to give independance to Stamford Green. On the 4th of September 1905, the Socialist Republic of Stamford Green was born.

The Stamford Green Socialist Period, 1904 - 2007

Edward Darwin-Frost became the first President of Stamford Green and the constitution was written that free elections would be held every six years. Darwin-Frost remained President in Stamford Green for three terms until 1922.

Recent History

In 2007, Stamford Green backed St Samuel in the The Second War of Greater Holdinia and on the 18th of November 2007, the people of Stamford Green voted to become a part of the United Federal Kingdom of St Samuel, making the region a federal province.