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Moderator Deleted Ex-Nation
Offenses: Griefing
Other Incarnations: Scythia, Spanish Legionaries, Imperial Spain, the Imperial Spanish
Former NS Involvement: Invasions
IP-Ban Status: Banned after multiple warnings and deletions

Sythia is the name of a former griefer on NationStates, perhaps one of the most ruthless of them all.

Coming back in countless incarnations, he was considered the very paragon of what not to do after invading a region. After seeming to leave NS for a while after announcing retirement, Sythia seized the opportunity to secretly recruit forces and to infiltrate the region Hell as the nation "Spanish Legionaries."

After seizing the region, he expelled several natives of Hell, and claimed to be trying to play within the rules. The moderators took no actions against him, raising an outcry from NS players. Even so, he infiltrated Hell completely undetected. With his sheer ruthlessness and clever tactics, Sythia raised a massive force, which he had raised in secret to infiltrate Hell. On a rare occasion, Sythia did not destroy the region Hell but instead decided to keep it for himself. These qualities won him respect, if not anything nearly resembling support even from such staunch enemies as Crazy girl and Qaaolchoura.

As Sythia was in Hell, virtually every Game mod in NS moved a puppet into Hell, and some began having conversations on the board. Sythia banned them, and the mods unbanned themselves. Sythia cried foul, but to no avail.

Shortly after Hell fell, another griefer with the nation "St Peters Gate" (a puppet nation of Malajhaliza, who was working under Sythia) took Heaven and declared that the tyranny of God Himself had ended.

Meanwhile, Neutered Sputniks appointed himself Founder in Hell in order to observe the invasion. The previous founder, Satan (who had been previously deleted for unrelated offenses), had Hell not allowed delegate access to regional control. Neutered Sputniks' foundership thus denied Sythia access to regional control, earning the denizens of Hell a brief respite. Sythia declared an abuse of mod powers, and Neut finally granted him access to regional control.

Sythia's end arrived when he evicted one native of Hell, and refused to unban him. It was, so to speak, the straw that broke the camel's back. The native complained in moderation, and Neut gave Sythia an ultimatum: unban him now. Sythia finally unbanned him, but it proved to be too late to save himself. The mods, Neut said, had given him a "long rope to hang himself with." Sythia took it, tied the knot tightly, and didn't even notice when he'd tied the knot.

Sythia had time to send out a telegram to at least one nation from "The Imperial Spanish", before that nation too was deleted when an admin came in and IP-banned him.

However, shortly after his banning, Sythia “hacked” into the account St Peters Gate which was still in control of Heaven. Sythia began to eject every nation from the region and then put a password on the region so that the region would be purged. The moderators stepped in and saved the region.

With that, one of the most infamous griefers of all NS history was no more.

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