The Golden Hills

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The Golden Hills
Forum: Here
Population: 1 nation
Delegate: none
Founder: GMR (GMR era), Morventree (Morventree era), Random Kingdom (current)
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

(Part of the Golden Hills factbook.)

Welcome to the NSWiki home of The Golden Hills.


GMR era

The original Golden Hills was founded by the Magnificence Kingdom of GMR and, at its height, had over 40 nations (major nations included EL CID THE HERO, Ashibot, Landris, JRV, Random Kingdom and several incarnations of Gothicville). The Golden Hills was then crashed by The Blackpool Lights, causing the population to implode. One by one the major nations left or died, with Random Kingdom leaving to create Region 32767, Ashibot and EL CID leaving the game, and several to flee to TGH's close ally Aurora. The region died and was overwrote by Morventree.

Morventree era

The Golden Hills was then held for a while by Morventree, one of the crashers, but Morventree died after a while pulling the region with it. During this era Aurora itself lost its leader, Magnetic Island, causing RK to plan a successor to GMR The Golden Hills.


RK founded the third known iteration of TGH, created as an unofficial successor to GMR-era TGH. As before, "New Golden Hills" will be closely tied to Aurora.