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The UCPL resolution was adopted by a simple majority vote in early 2004. It was repealed nearly two years later and then replaced with the UN Copyright Convention.

Resolution text

A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade Strength: Significant Proposed By: Anward

UCPL- Universal Copyright/Patent Law

In it's current state, copyright law varies from country to country. It makes free trade more difficult, as the laws differ from nation to nation. As a representative of the Dominion of Anward, I realize my nation needs foreign trade to boost our economy. If we made a copyright/patent law that would apply to all countries there would be no 'gray area' and this would hopefully stimulate interest for countries to be more willing to trade between the nations of the United Nations. My proposal asks the following to be implemented:

1. Copyright/Patent Law be the same between all UN members.
2. Copyright/Patent organizations be modified to accommodate the number of requests for copyright. This should be done by establishing a new International Copyright Organization, with chapters in every capital. This agency would receive other chapters' copyrights, and send copyrights established in that country to all other chapters. With the Internet Age, this is a simple process.
3. With many different languages, a sub-agency should be established to correctly translate the copyright/patents, into each chapters native language.
4. An additional sub-agency be created to be informed of, and monitor all copyright/patent infringements. Reducing the need for the government to take the time to investigate the actions. A recommended course of action will then be reported, and a court of the nation of the offender make the ruling.
Votes For: 11,198
Votes Against: 8,149
Implemented: Mon Jan 26 2004
Repealed: Thu Dec 1 2005

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