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What's your real-life name? -- Ian (whaddya mean, you already guessed that?)

Of which countries are you lord and master? -- Iansisle, Trilar, (sometimes) Effit, Gallaga

What're your hobbies? -- NationStates, Master of Orion III, reforming the independent Bear Flag Republic, and visiting/occasionaly working at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

What is your favorite animal? -- The California condor (Gymnogyps californianus).

Where do you live? -- (north-east of) San Diego, CA, during the summer, Tucson, AZ during school year.

What is your favorite form of humor? -- Puns. Without a doubt. Long live Rocky and Bullwinkle!

How about your favorite television program? -- Actually, not Rocky and Bullwinkly (though they're close). TOS Star Trek.

What is the bestest computer game of all time? -- SimCity 2000 - though MoO3 is close!

What's your favorite jolly rancher flavor? -- Lemon. Though I think that got nixed recently...why, God, why?

I want to know your political affiliation! -- The Bear Flag Party.

Why the hell would anyone want to spend nine months of the year in Tucson?: Because that person might just happen to be a 3rd year history major at the University of Arizona. Or crazy.

Can I add more questions to this? -- If you want.

Is this done yet? -- Yes.