Vranith Mountains

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Vranith Mountains
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Population: 10 nations
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Founder: Qalustan
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The Vranith Mountain Range is a vast mountain system, home to many rich and varied nations. It is the source of the Tharoon, Valarax and Frajjit Rivers and boasts stunning natural features, from mountain lakes to the slopes of Mount Tharoon, the tallest mountain in the region.

There are legends that a tribe of monks, known as the Siblinghood of Mishfish, inhabits the range and has built a secret temple somewhere in the mountains.

Nations exisiting in the mountains are:

Peak Name Other names and meaning Elevation (m) Notes
Mount Tharoon Tarun-èfat (Qalustani); "Rising Soul Mountain" 7,230 Highest mountain in the Vranith Range, and regarded with almost religious reverence by the Qalustani; located in Qalustan
Mount Valarax Arax-èfat Val-duor (Qalustani); "Mountain, King of the Water" 6,905 Source of the River Valarax and location of the White Stones, an ancient holy site; located in Qalustan
Mount Frajjit Frajjit-èfat (Qalustani); "Release of Burdens Mountain" 6,788 Source of the Frajjit River; located in Qalustan
Mount Anze Anz-èfat (Qalustani); "Older Male Cousin Mountain" 6,639 Located on Qalustani-Dhainese border
Mount Estihi Estih-èfat (Qalustani); "Charming Mountain" 6,517 Located on Qalustani border
Mount Mohab Moha'-èfat (Qalustani); "Flying Bird Mountain" 6,450 Located in Qalustan
Mount Hqot Hqot-èfat (Qalustani); "Honour Mountain" 6,413 Located on Qalustani border