Vuhifellian Defense Forces

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Vuhifellian Defense Forces
Military manpower
Military age Voluntary
18 years of age
Availability males & females age 18-49:
3,001.3 million
Fit for military service males & females age 18-49:
2,573.6 million
Reaching military age annually males & females:
40 million
Current size 14.9 million
(Jan. 2007)
Credit figure C 2,304,387,023,960.22
Percent of GDP 2.2%

The Vuhifellian Defense Forces are the military of the Vuhifellian Federation. The Commander-in-Chief of the entire military is the President of the Federation, however, the sitting General on the Military Council for each branch acts as that branch's commander-in-chief (subordinate to the President; e.g. Supreme Admiral: CIC of the Navy)

The branches of the Defense Forces include:


Established by the "Armed Forces Clause" of the Federal Constitution, the Defense Forces were created among the incompetance of the previous incarnation of the military, the "Federal Military".

For natural born citizens of the Federation, service in the Defense Forces is voluntary, however, for foreigners becoming naturalized citizens of the Federation, it is a requirement that they must serve for at least two years in any branch of the Defense Forces. Service in the Federal Reserve Corps and in specialized agencies of the military are voluntary and are available to citizens of the Federation only.

Currently, there are 14,989,487 registered members of the military. Of these, roughly 12 million are citizens, with the remainder being comprised of foreigners seeking naturalization. Roughly 6 million members of the military are on active duty, with an additional 6 million in the Reserve Corps. The remaining 2 million troops are serving in the newly formed Provincial Defense Corps, advising local law enforcement agencies and acting as the provinces' disaster response teams.

Being comparitively smaller than most armed forces around the world, the VDF prides itself on providing the best training possible for its troops, as well as the best weapons and equipment money can buy. However, the median age for military officers has been increasing, and the level of education and training for new officers has been declining. Despite having highly trained, well equipped troops, the VDF will no doubt face a leadership problem in the foreseeable future.

Extreme nationalism and mild xenophobia is present in Vuhifellian society, and Vuhifellian culture portrays the soldier as a romantic occupation where a single soldier can fight, kill, and die for the glory of the Federation. Despite this, many political leaders, following the end of a series of bloody conflicts which ravaged the continent, decided to cut back on military budgets across the board. However, as Vuhifell takes a more imperial stance towards the continents surrounding her, the military budget is beginning to rebound.


As cited in the Federal Constitution as well as the official military command booklet, the mission of the VDF is "To defend the Federation and her citizens both at home and abroad, and to build a peaceful world for us all." The VDF is a purely defensive military and can only invade other nations as:

  • Part of a multinational coalition in which Vuhifell is not the primary donor of troops
  • Peacekeeping and humanitarian missions
  • The nation has declared war on the Federation
  • The nation itself has attacked the Federation or its citizens/ Harbors an organization that carries out attacks on the Federation or its citizens
  • If the President and Military Council both agree to the colonization and integration of a territory into the Federation.

Branch Heads

Vuhifellian Army & Marines Commander General Alfred Alfierri
Vuhifellian Navy Supreme Admiral Terrence Hood
Vuhifellian Air Force General of the Skies John Keyes
Vuhifellian Information Corps Master General Nemu Mamolialis