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Aerionian Freemasonry is characterized by great secrecy, and unusual traditions. It deviates from conventional Freemasonry in a number of ways. The primary differences are that it admits women as in Co-Freemasonry, does not require belief in a Supreme Being, and practices the unique Aerionian Rite.


Secrecy seems of paramount importance to the Aerionian Freemasons. They keep their membership, locations of their temples, and history secret. They are not reported on at all in the Aerionian mainstream media, and therefore it is said proving their effectiveness in secrecy.

Unlike in some nations, Aerionian Masons do not make themselves known to others through the use of rings or other insignia publically. The secret handshakes of Freemasonry are most likely used, though Aerionian Masons do not readily use the more common ones but rather a handshake known uniquely to Freemasons within Aerion. In this way it cannot be duplicated by visiting Masons, or those who read such informations.

The rituals of the Aerionian Rite are carried on in an oral tradition, and are not known to be written. There may indeed be a tome of their ritual written, perhaps locked within their temples, but this has not reached public hands.


The history of Aerionian Freemasonry is not well known, as it is considered taboo to study unless you are an member yourself. Members do not speak of it, nor publish works on it. The rituals of the Aerionian Rite are transmitted through oral tradition, and therefore the works are not in written form.

It is known that King Wasterin I, founder of the Royal House of Wasterin and bringer of monarchy to the Grand Kingdom of Aerion widely promoted Freemasonry. Many members of his Royal Government joined, and in turn many members of the elite followed. It is known there is even an Masonic Temple Chamber within the Royal Palace, though the location is considered a secret.


Membership requirements for the Aerionian Rite are not known, but what is known is that it follows largely the lodge structure of Freemasonry. Members are elected by the body of the lodge through an ancient election process, and if they are approved by the members they are allowed to join. It is invitation only, and members are invited but should not in any case ask to join.

Membership of the Aerionian Rite is uncertain, but it is estimated that there may be over a million members in numerous lodges throughout the provinces. This is only a small fraction of the Grand Kingdom's massive population.

It is known that members of the Royal Family are Aerionian Freemasons, and that it is likely the majority of the Great Officers of State and leading government officials are members as well.

Aerionian Freemasonry

Order of the Ancient Owl
Grand Orient of Aerion
Aerionian Rite