Allanean Anthem

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The Anthem of Allanea

Words: Oleg Volk

Music: Anon.

Oil and grease and powder

A most welcome smell

Of guns and ammo a-plenty

And of thousands fired shells

Mirage wavers over the barrels

Targets look worse for the wear

We might be tired by end of the day

But, as we shall fight, we have trained

We might need a cleaning

But guns get cleaned first

Belts re-filled with AP and tracers

And magazines topped off

Oil and grease and powder

Smell of tool put to work

Reminder that we're in Allanea

Not Yasmarea or Blattershpitt.

A most welcome, that smell

As long as we hold the guns

And anyone trying to take them

Won't, without a fight

They might start it, but we will finish

Just like Finns did in 1918

We'll blow smoke from rifle muzzles

And say "Dead reds smell like freedom"