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Headquarters: Citadel Excalbia
Nationality: Holy Empire of Excalbia
Specialty: Supercomputers, Artificial Intelligence, D.A.I.N.

AzIntel began as a silicon chip manufacturer in the 1960s. In the early 1970s it expanded to the hardware market and began producing mini-computers for business, government and military clients. After a failed attempt to enter the PC market in the later 1970s, AzIntel decided to "go the other way" and enter the supercomputer market.

The Az-ParaPro line of supercomputers quickly gained a solid, though unspectacular reputation.

In 1999, working under a grant from the Imperial Government, AzIntel developed a revolutionary supercomputer built around a series of interlinked decentralized parallel processors running in an artificially intelligence network. The computer, Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Network 1.0 or DAIN One, achieved a speed of 23.15 teraflops, shattering the previous record of 2.15 teraflops.

DAIN immediately yielded major benefits for scientific research in the Holy Empire. One of DAIN One's first priorities was to help researchers develop its successor, DAIN Two. Each successive DAIN has helped developed the next generation, pushing this new technology forward rapidly.

In 2002, AzIntel acquired bio-neural processor technology from Upper Virginia and combined it with DAIN technology to create DAIN Four. DAIN Four became the first Excalbian machine to pass the Turing test, becoming the first computer to be considered genuinely intelligent.

The current version of DAIN is DAIN Six. The computer can perform over 1000 teraflops. There are rumours, so far unconfirmed by AzIntel, that DAIN Six is exhibting evidence of an independent personality.

Despite these rumours, AzIntel stock continues to soar, making it one of the wealthiest and most profitable corporations in the Empire.

AzIntel is led by its Chief Technologist and Software Architect, Dr. Felix Chandra, PhD.