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Nation: Nwoh
Capital: Schwertwal
Leader: Governor Kraft Bradlieb

The Canton of Baltica is, in many ways, a facsimile of its southern neighbor: Neu Schleswig. Both cantons' populations descend from the Kiel exodus of the early twentieth century, and they each even had the same result in the November elections, with the DLP sweeping the canton except for one congressional seat.

Another interesting connection between the two cantons is that the governors are cousins, a fact causing many Nwohans (although few Balticans or Neu Schleswigers) to cry foul.


The 2006 census showed Baltica's population was 40,000,000.


 1. German...87%
 2. Other...12%
 3. Sri Lankan...1%


Mirroring what is beginning to become a nationwide trend, Theravada is on the rise among Balticans.

 1. Lutheran...85%
 2. Theravada Buddhism...15%