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The Colonial Army is truly a terrifying war machine. With the advanced technology and Genetic Supersoldiers of the Kroenen Followers and the massive numbers and quick strike troops of the Helghan Colonial Force almost nothing can stop the army once it begins an attack.

The total man power of the armed forces is roughly 16,319,110. Roughly 35% of the governments income goes on Defence, allowing the massive armed forces the country holds. It also has roughly 5,680,900 soldiers (However only some of these become Rauben supersoldiers.) from the Occult Society of Kroenen Followers, whom together form the Colonial Armed Forces. Non combatants make up an additional 18 million (rough estimate).

Ground Forces

The Colonial Ground Forces (only the second most important part of the Armed Forces) are formed into several armies each about 1,000,000 strong, not including non-combatants. Below is the set up for each army. There is a total of 5 armies, with each army commanded by a General (proper Colonial term is Field-Marshall)

Army Organisation

Air Cavalry

The Air Cavalry is the third most important part of the Colonial Armed Forces. They provide air support for the armies and perform strike raids on enemy positions and supply routs. Each Detachment is roughly 140,000 combatants strong. There is 10 Detachments. Each Detachment is commanded by a single Air-Marshall

Detachment Organisation

  • Jetbike Crewmen - 40,000 = 40,000 Jetbikes.
  • Reaper Crewmen - 60,000 = 30,000 Reaper fighters
  • Avenger Bomber Crewmen - 40,000 = 8,000 Bombers


The Navy is deemed the least important of the sections of the Armed Forces. It has roughly 200,000 personnel per Battalion and 4 Battalions. Each Battalion is commanded by a single Commodore (proper term is Aqua Marshall)

Battalion Organisation

  • Beach Assault Boat crewmen - 40,000 = 20,000 Boats
  • Fast Attack Boats crewmen - 30,000 = 15,000 Boats
  • Typhoon Attack Sub crewmen - 50,000 = 1000 Subs
  • Dreadnought Artillery Boat crewmen - 30,000 = 600 Boats
  • Destroyer Attack Boat crewmen - 40,000 = 1000 Boats
  • Piranha Battleship Crewmen - 10,000 crewmen = 100 Boats


The most important part of the Armed Forces. The Armada is the power behind the Colonials, without it, the Colony could not be defended, nor could the armies move throughout the galaxy. It is divided into two parts, the Attack Armada, which carries armies into battle and from planet to planet. The Defence Armada is small in comparison as it has the massively powerful, almost fully automated, Oblivion Orbital Defence network to help defend the Colony. The total manpower is 2,200,000. However, as the crew aboard each ship can vary immensely(reserves being put on guard duty are not usually as organised as the main army leading to differences between each guard on each ship.), only the number of ships is placed, along with total manpower (excluding reserves on guard duty, only including fighter pilots, actual guards and such.) Dropships are not included in the total ship count as they spend most of their time on the planet. The Armada can be split into fifths when it is needed in more than one place as there is 5 High-Marshalls and 5 Command Ships. The Offensive armada is commanded by 5 High Marshalls,who each command one fifth of the fleet.

Offensive Armada

Manpower: 1,800,000

Total Ships: 1,005 (Not including Fighters or Dropships)

Defensive Armada

Manpower: 400,000

Total Ships: 1,002

Defence Platforms