Conservative Party of Navi Bharat

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The Conservative Party of Navi Bharat is a major political party in Navi Bharat, and also the oldest, as the immediate successor of the Conservative Republican Party. It is currently in opposition, holding 157 out of the the 500 seats, and ruling in coalition with the conservative Army of Vishnu. Its leader is opposition leader Ali Akbar Khan, a Hindi Muslim social conservative and economic moderate.

Socially, the Conservatives seek broad changes in Navi Bharat policies. Their main platform, "A moral sanctuary for all Navi Bharatis," shows an desire for profound changes in the morality of Navi Bharati citizens, whom they think have gone too far astray morally. It also seeks a hiking up of defense and law funding.

Economically, the Conservatives are not too much further to the left of the SDPNB. They support tax cuts, although also support the maintenance of healthcare and social security funding, and also support deregulation on large business. However, the economics of the two parties lie closer to each other than, say, the Republicans and Democrats in the United States.

The Conservatives are slated to gain some support in the next election.