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Nation: Nwoh
Capital: Srina
Leader: Governor Ranil Senanayake

Cylon (pronounced SIGH-lahn) is Nwoh's only Sri Lankan majority canton. Nwoh experienced a significant Sri Lankan migrant wave as a response to the ongoing civil war in Sri Lanka. The population that fled to Nwoh is of the Sinhalese majority, as opposed to the Tamil minority. Politically, Cylon shows little care in national politics, focusing solely on the cantonic level.

The JHU gained dominance in Cylon after the November elections, winning all but one congressional seat. Its only viable opponent is the MJP.


The 2006 census showed Cylon having a population of 42,000,000.


In the past few months, the Canton of Cylon has seen a surge of Cambodian immigrants, fleeing political instability.

 1. Sri Lankan...83%
 2. Ottawan...10%
 3. Cambodian...7%


Apparently, even the Ottawan have adopted Theravada Buddhism, as recent surveys declared 100% of Cylon's citizens are members of that religion.