Ed Wilson

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Ed Wilson was leader of the Free Alcoholic Army (or F.A.A.) that destroyed most of Druida following prohibition of alcohol.

After the success of the Make Druida Sober campaign, Wilson provided leadership for those who loved their drink too much, including former President Margaret Smith. After drumming up enough support, the F.A.A. eventually set up their own independent nation, Rogue Alcoholic States in protest, as well as being a place where alcohol could be drunk without interference and a hideaway to plot the Druidan government's downfall.

After the F.A.A. murdered President Andrew Idder, Wilson was behind the campaign of Huw Ellis that sabotaged the following election. It led to Ellis being the President of Druida for a short period, until Bill Posters uncovered the pair's plot. During this period, though, Druida went back to being a nation of alcoholics.

After this, Wilson decided that the only way to have power in Druida would be by force. However, this led to the F.A.A. completely destroying the majority of the country using the gialn dodgeballs used in the game Dodgeball:Goliath.